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Midwest Fords & Mazdas formerly Wisconsin POC & Chicago POC

: Midwest Fords & Mazdas
: Aug 2005
: \x/ispoc Land
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For Sale Thread Rules

The Official Rules
* Avoid feeler threads, if you want to sell something, sell it.
* You must be the owner of the item to be sold. No selling for friends / relatives
* No solicitating sales through the PM system. If you are caught doing this, you will be dealt with accordingly.
* If you are selling something, include either a fixed price or the lowest acceptable price.
* Please use a descriptive thread title. Start with FS: for "For Sale" item threads. I reserve the right to fix it for you if you don't.
* You may only sell things in the Wisconsin forum if you actually reside in Wisconsin (or nearby to sell locally). Exceptions can be made for this, if you're unsure, just PM the mods before you post.
* If you think someone else's post for selling or buying something is out of line, DON'T respond to it, just PM us moderators and we'll deal with it.
* Make the necessary steps to protect yourself from being defrauded by another user.
* Wanted threads can only be posted in the Official WISPOC WTB thread.
* All the info should be in your post, no linking to outside sites because you are too lazy to copy and paste the info here.
* If your post contains very poor grammar, I will take it that you are not trying very hard to sell the item and remove the post without warning
*If you are not interested in buying the items for sale in a thread do not post. Unrelated posts will be removed

This list is subject to change! If you have any questions about selling/buying stuff, just contact us moderators.

The point of this post is simply to set forth guidelines for selling and asking for 'stuff' in our Wisconsin forum. Due to the good nature of our members, we haven't had problems with people buying & selling things here locally. Because of that, these are just guidelines, not hard and fast rules. It will still be up to the moderators to decide is something is appropriate or not.
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