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: - General Forum Rules
Message board rules:

Please read and follow the below rules. If you have any questions about any of the rules, please feel free to contact the Administration at any time.

  • BE NICE - We treat everyone equally here. This is a chance for a fresh start for everyone, please give them a chance to prove themselves as productive members
  • Flames - Flaming topics/posts will be moderated at the discretion of the staff. If the person proves himself as a non-productive member, they will be dealt with accordingly.
  • employs a swear filter. Please use your best judgment when posting. If any member knowingly attempts to bypass the swear filter, their topic/post will be removed and that person will be contacted by the Administration.
  • Adult Content - It is not acceptable anywhere. There is one forum that is not moderated, but it requires a certain level of donations to be achieved.
  • Illegal Content - You may not post any content that is illegal including, but not limited to, copyright material, serial numbers, links to sites hosting pirated or illegal material, or other proprietary information without obtaining the prior written consent of the owner of such proprietary rights. Exceptions to this standard are covered by the US Federal law regarding fair use, 17 USCS 107, and related case law, which holds that only partial excerpts of copyrighted material may be reproduced, and only as necessary for criticism or comment.
  • Harmful or Malicious Links - You may not post any links that result in multiple popups, moving the browser window, installs any third-party 'ad-ware' or 'software', or any other device that takes control of the browser window, prevents the user from closing it, or locks up their computer.
  • Privacy - You will not violate a person's privacy by publishing any information against will that is private and personal. This includes ANY e-mail addresses, phone numbers, or residential addresses.
  • Personal Attacks - They will not be tolerated anywhere on the board. Topics and/or posts containing personal attacks will be closed, edited or deleted. If any member continues to disrupt the message board this way, appropriate actions will be taken.
  • Multiple Accounts - Having multiple accounts is frowned upon on ProbeTalk. Any member who has multiple accounts risks having them merged into the oldest registered account and possibly being placed in The Hole for an undetermined length of time. Any member who has been placed in The Hole or has been banned and registers a new account will have that account merged into the original and they will have additional time added to the length of their temporary ban. Repeated instances will result in a PERMANENT ban from the board. If there are any questions regarding this matter, you may ask the Administration for clarification.
  • Closed topics - If one of your topics is closed or deleted, please do not start another thread dedicated to why was your post locked, or even another new post regarding the same subject matter or to garner 'support'. If you have a problem with your post being closed, please contact a member of the Administration with a private message describing the problem.
  • Free or (whore) Posts - It is unproductive and does nothing but clutter the board. Threads dedicated to free posting will be closed and/or deleted at the discretion of the Moderators.
  • Attn: Threads - These type of threads clutter the board, it is also more likely you will reach the person you are looking for with a Private Message. PM pop-ups do work if they are enabled. When the person you PM'd logs on, they will get a pop-up with your message. If you want to post a thread for everyone to see don't use Attn: or Hey so and so. Be a little more creative. If you just want one person to see your thread then a PM should be used.
  • No Crude Posts - Even if you find these types of posts funny, they are offensive to many people. Please do not post about bodily functions, sexual experiences or personal problems. If you have a network of friends here, please feel free to use the Private Messaging system for that kind of material. It should not be posted publicly.
  • Post in the Correct Forum - Many posts in the Lounge belong in other forums. If a thread is car related, there is a strong likelihood that it does not belong in the Lounge.
  • Advertising - Advertising is NOT allowed anywhere on without the expressed written consent of the Administration. If you wish to advertise, please contact the Administration to obtain the current rates.
  • AIM/IM/PM/E-mail/Quotes - AIM, IM, PM, or e-mail converstaions should not be posted anywhere in the forums. Previous attempts at posting this do nothing more than cause problems. When quoting, it is not necessary for people to include the ENTIRE post when referring only to a specific part. It is also NOT necessary to post a picture as part of a quote. Change it to a link instead.
  • Signatures - No AIM/IM/PM quotes. No FOR SALE/WTB items or requests. No inflammatory comments. They should be 5 lines or less at 800x600 screen resolution. Please see the Signature FAQ item for more details on what is and is not allowed. Anyone whose signature is found to be out of compliance may or may not be notified by the moderator staff before having their signature changed.

I have faith in my moderator staff and I fully support their actions. Please allow them some understanding, as it is not an easy job deciding what belongs on the board and what does not. Also remember that no one is perfect and we will make mistakes from time to time. We will however do our best to keep things around here fair.

If you feel that you're not being treated fairly by any of the staff or the members, please contact the ProbeTalk Admin Staff.

Please take the time to read the rules for the forums linked at the bottom of this box - Signature Policy

  • No more than 5 lines of text at 800x600 resolution. This includes blank lines.
  • You are allowed to manipulate the text size
  • There must be no derogatory remarks
  • There can be NO ADVERTISING. The ONLY exception is reserved for the Authorized PT Vendors.
  • Any links to advertising sites without the approval of the administration.
  • This includes FOR SALE and WANT TO BUY links/requests!
  • No inappropriate comments in the signatures. This includes AIM conversations, quotes, and political statements.
  • Small smileys are allowed and not considered photos/pictures. Please limit yourself to no more than 2 smileys.

Here are a few examples of what is considered inappropriate:

  • "Joe Schmoe has $40 of mine. Give me MY MONEY JOE!!!!!"
  • "I hate that moderator/admin. I want to kill him."
  • "I can install this or that for $$$"
  • "Buy your stuff from"
  • IM conversations are not allowed.

The Administrative staff has the final say on what is and what is not appropriate, so if you are wondering whether something you want to include in your signature is okay, contact one of us and we'll let you know as quickly as we're able to.

If we contact you regarding your sig length/content, please be courteous enough to make the required changes.

Previously, we have contacted members, asking them to shorten thier signature to comply with the board rules. This method was sloppy and members often failed to ever change their signature.

Due to the growing number of people who choose to disobey this rule, it has been decided that staff will manually change any member's signature in violation of the rule in order to make it adhere to policy.

While we will attempt to always inform members when we've made changes to thier signature (and give them a warning to keep thier signature properly sized in the future), a staff member may forget to send a message from time to time. This does not mean that it was done with ill intentions or malice. As stated above, we reserve the right to edit a signature found not to be in compliance without prior notice.

Members who continue to violate this policy will lose their signature privledges. - Other Frequently Asked Questions
Other Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Avatars - The small pictures beneath your name are reserved for staff, donating members, and Authorized PT Vendors.
  • Donations - Users are encourage to donate whenever they're able to. Those who do, can receive an avatar (and more options) once they reach the appropriate threshold. To view more on donations can click here
  • Moderation - By electing to join, you agree that if asked, you will yield to the requests of the forum moderators and/or administrators.
    Generally, the Staff endeavors to provide fair warning regarding behavior which might require their involvement. Any failure to respond to warnings from the staff constitutes grounds for suspension of posting privileges. Each successive warning that requires action can and will result in stiffer penalties, up to and including termination of the user's account and subsequent banning from the site. Except in the case of outwardly malicious behavior, such as spamming, flaming, or other action which requires an immediate response, the decision to disable an account is discussed amongst the senior staff, to ensure objectivity and any potential remedial actions.
  • Comments/Suggestions - Please post your suggestions and/or comments regarding improvements to the board in the News and Support forum. Please use this forum to report any problems with the site and the message board as well..
  • Complaints - From time to time users will disagree with the decisions and/or actions of the Staff; however disagreements and criticism may not be posted within the discussion forums. Please contact the Admin Staff directly with issues regarding any complaints or disagreements with action taken by the staff. Please keep in mind that any complaints not supported with evidence will make it more difficult to respond and take the appropriate action.

Board FAQ
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