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8ballracing January 3rd, 2018 07:50 AM

For Sale

We have two 95 probes one manual and one automatic.

Thought they would be of use to someone instead of sending for scrap.

Both are complete cars no accidents but need mechanical work. I will except a reasonable cash offer for both.

Thank you and Happy New Year.

Level 9 January 3rd, 2018 03:06 PM

Base, se, GT, location, colors?

MSDKLZE March 5th, 2018 05:54 PM

For heaven's sake, keep those Probes alive! Do NOT scrap them. If I hear about one more Probe getting killed off, I will just cry myself to death.

Level 9 March 9th, 2018 07:38 AM

Got one here about to go to the crusher. Finding a decent donor for the right price just isn't available. I'll gut the good stuff out of this one and may revisit the probe idea one day.. Going to move on to a different direction for awhile.

bob k. mando March 21st, 2018 09:46 PM

Got one here about to go to the crusher.

GT or SE?

what do you mean by "good stuff"?

OP hasn't been on the board since the day he started the thread. must not be very serious about selling these.

Level 9 March 25th, 2018 01:44 PM

Well going to purchase another one Friday so this one may just sit for part for a bit. Lot of good parts, motor, trans, ground panels, bumpers, lights, tails, interior is hit/missing, short throw, fuel pump, speakers, and all that fun stuff. No need for two of these sitting around. I'll rip it down to a roller and off it goes. Car is a GT

bob k. mando March 25th, 2018 05:48 PM

you planning on keeping the suspension parts?

or when you say "roller", you mean roller?

Level 9 March 26th, 2018 01:47 PM

I'll probably let the suspension go as well for I'll need a way to move it to part with it..