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to make the probe look more racecarish...should slap some numbers on their with some sponsor type stickers...

imnot a fan of SUV's but when it comes down to PS and its greathness and the work that can be acheived with it I GIVE MAD PROPS...same goes for the truck LMAO SSR whatch out LMAO

what plug-ins were used and also what version of PS was it CS or 6? just my q's i run PS6 but have CS waiting...and also do you by chance know if PS6 plug-ins work with CS (alienskin, etc...)
the TOYOTA IS sexy i like

all together good work
I dont use any plugins, so any photoshop version would do really. But I'm using CS2.

hmmz, I believe they are off the diablo GTR, I dont remember anymore.

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