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Czt Manifold Update???

I'm not sure if this topic should be discussed in this forum or what, I just dont know what to do about this. I paid April 28th 2004 for this thing and still havent gotten any updates whatsoever. Has anyone else that bought this gotten in touch with Rob or even recieve their manifold? I check the website and it says they started shipping out the first of September. Well according to Rob, I would be in the first batch of mani's shipped and I havent gotten any kind of update or anything.
1993 PGT MTX KL-ZE, one and only custom CZT KLZE Manifold w/ 67mm tb, CZT Tranny Saver, headers, CAI, pheno's for mani and tb, Custom 2.5" ehxaust shot from headers to muffler, muffler, 9-Pucked B-Facing clutch (better than that Stage 3 stuff = ), short throw, Illuminas all around, custom endlinks, intrax springs, Supra wing, and custom painted interior.

Future Mods: Yes the turbo is still underway this summer

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