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Pittsburgh Emissions Testing/Inspection and Headers

Hey all! I'm in Tennessee right now, but I just took a job around West Mifflin/McKeesport and will be moving to the area toward the end of the summer.

My question is involving the emissions inspection in the area. We do not have emissions testing or vehicle inspection of any kind in East Tennessee, but I think I can figure out a way to get my pgt to pass a tailpipe test if necessary. I am wondering, however if headers will cause me to fail the visual inspection.

I don't have headers right now, but I have been doing some work to get the car ready for the move and I know I have an exhaust leak in my downpipe.

So do I repair/replace my existing downpipe or do I get headers and install these instead?
Red 1994 pgt - 2.5L V6 - 5spd