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: Nov 2010
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Iroc body style Fbody vs the wittle pwobe

The woman and I were cruising in the ol' PGT on the highway and next thing I know some old guy with a mohawk and a sleeveless t shirt comes flying up past me in this faded murica red fbody. The Probe has 218* colt cams, eGay headers, GReddy SP1, Tein Coilovers, PA front strut brace, Millenia MAF/OBDII swap, PRD STS, ZE straight neck, Wally 255, and an ACT 6 puck (from what I was told).. anyway this shitbox goes flying past me and this guy thinks he is hot sh*t because he cut me off swerving through cars. So naturally I get on it and was surprised how slow the thing was. I flew up next to him and sandbagged the hell out of it then romped back on it and slowed down and got behind him to get off on my exit. Well out of curiosity I pulled up next to him in the parking lot of Family Dollar. He gets out and walked up and said "that thing is pretty quick for a ricer." I get out, he pops his hood and there sits a cam'd SBC just rebuilt, had gears in the rear end, headers, exhaust, intake manifold, etc. and I pop my hood and he had the funniest look on his face like "this ford gots a Mazda engine" look.
1995 Probe GT. Colt 218* cams, Tein SS Coilovers with EDFC, K6F trailing arms, CZT traction bars, ZE Intake Manifold, Milly MAF/OBDII swap, GReddy SP1, Probe Addiction Strut braces, RX8 Seats, PRD STS, PRD door sills, ACT 6puck

, MFactory LSD,Built trans, Euro tails and corners, Walbro 255, and more to come

Stage 3 Audi S4 pushing about 425awhp