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July 6th, 2005, 02:04 PM   #1
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Exclamation NYPOC - Please read!

okay. after seeing all of the events unfolding in this forum, i feel as though i have to come in here on behalf of the board and speak up.
  1. there are too many attitudes rearing their ugly heads here - that will stop. now. i expect everyone here to act their age and conduct themselves accordingly. e-thuggery will NOT be tolerated. act like a 'tough' guy or a smartass and you will be dealt with.
  2. i expect to see less bullshit in the threads in this forum, because i am tired of coming in here and seeing threads closed because some people want to bitch and moan. i can and WILL remove a moderator at ANY time if i feel as though he/she is infringing upon their duties and/or powers.
  3. keep in mind that the staff makes recommendations for moderators. the administration approves the recommendation or denies it, depending on several factors. we will not simply place a new moderator in the forum because people are unhappy with the current one. if you're unhappy, contact the admins and we will look into it, then we will decide on what to do.
  4. if anthony does not wish to remain NYPOC president, then either he will have to appoint a new one or a reasonable alternative worked out. simply having the disgruntled members decide they want to hold an election is NOT going to work.
  5. instead of focusing on the negative, try looking at the positive. the recruiting thread is the most positive one i've seen here over the past couple of weeks. so are the poker and six flags threads.
  6. if all you're going to do is gripe, whine, complain, bitch, etc., you're better off not posting at all.
  7. if there is any problem with #6, too bad. piss me off and you know what will happen.
  8. if there are any other questions, you may address them to me privately, with e-mail being preferred. my e-mail is in my profile, or at least it should be.

thank you for your attention.

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