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2nd Gen (93-97) I4 2.0L Performance Discussion of Performance topics for I4 2.0L

February 12th, 2007, 09:41 PM   #1
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Ultimate 2.0 Mod Database

Ultimate 2.0 Mod Database

If you have any additions you believe should be added to the list please PM myself of PurpleMetal1 and we will get it added. currently the database is in the works, it may take me a couple of days to completely finish it so stay tuned.

Header, Catback Exhausts and Hi Flow Catalytic Converters
Camshafts, Adj. Cam Gears, Valve Springs, and head/main hardware
Intakes, ThermaBlok Spacers, and Intake Manifold
Ignition Control Units, Wires and Underdrive Pulleys
Fuel Pumps, Fuel Pressure Regulators, and Nitrous kits
Engines and Rebuild Kits
Pistons, Rods, and Oil Pumps

Clutches Part 1
Clutches Part 2 and Flywheels
Engine Mounts/Inserts, Clutch Lines and Short Throw Shifters

Strut/Coilover Packages
Strut and Coilovers
Swaybars, Trailing Links, Camber Plates, Front/Rear Strut Tower Bars and Control Arm Bushings

Radiators, Radiator Hoses and Radiator Caps

Big Brake Kits and Brake Pads
Brake Pads Continued

Forced Induction
Turbo Kits and Accessories
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February 12th, 2007, 09:45 PM   #2
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1. Bosal Brospeed
The Bosal exhaust headers are currently the only option for 2.0L owners. The header is constructed of a 14 gauge, mandrel bent, mild steel. They are a one-piece design that collect in a 4:2:1 style. The primaries have a diameter of 38mm. The four primaries pair off into two 44mm collectors. The 44mm collectors join via a 54mm collector pipe. These headers are finished with a 1200 degree ceramic coating by JetHot which has a lifetime warranty against chipping, peeling, etc, but not valid for nitrous oxide users. The headers include one port for a oxygen sensor and one male port for the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) plumbing. There should be no installation problems for 1993-1995 Probe/MX-6 owners. The 1996-1997 Probes have an additional downstream oxygen (O2) sensor just after the pre-catalytic converter. To avoid check engine lights it will be necessary to have an additional O2 fitting welded downstream of the main catalytic converter and relocate the downstream O2 sensor to its new locations. O2 fittings can be purchased from The headers do not have a heat shield and the stock one cannot be used. There are no gasket provided, but the stock one are generally sufficient. The flex pipe is also replaced with a knuckle joint style pipe which ties back into the catalytic converter. The Bosal headers come with a one year warranty. The part number is #111252. The Bosal headers retail for $399.99 but can be had for as cheap as $300.
Product Image

2. SSAutoChrome
Product Image

--------------------(Catback Exhausts)--------------------

1. Bosal/Brospeed Cat-Back Exhaust System
The Bosal exhaust is the only exhaust system developed specifically for the 2.0L Probe. It is a full stainless steel mandrel bent system. All connections are flanged with gaskets, not the typical "slip fit and crimp". The 2.0L exhaust tubing has a 2-1/8" outer diameter. It has a straight through muffler design, or in other words the muffler is not chambered like conventional mufflers or like the factory muffler. The exhaust tip is a single 4" diameter chrome exhaust tip. Per dyno results sent to me via Bosal the exhaust alone yields between 1-3whp over the stock exhaust. Aside from performance, the Bosal exhaust system is very well constructed, those who have purchased Bosal exhaust systems for the Probe have claimed that the craftmanship is superb and that their products are a work of art. This work of art comes with a pretty hefty price tag though. The retail price for the 2.0L exhaust system is $695.95, but I have seen it sell for as little as $465 during a bulk buys.
Product Image

2. Borla Cat-Back Exhaust System
This exhaust system is designed for the 2.5L V6 Probe, but will bolt up to the 2.0L with an extension pipe. This seems to be the exhaust of choice for most Probe owners as it has a relatively tame sound, and is fairly inexpensive.
Product Image

3. Greddy Cat-Back Exhaust System
This exhaust system is designed for the 2.5L V6 Probe, but will bolt up to the 2.0L with an extension pipe. The system is a full mandrel bent, stainless steel system. The muffler is a straight through design which has been highly polished to a nice luster. Exhaust gases exit a 5" polished tip. This exhaust has the largest diameter pipe of available exhausts for the Probe. This is a good choice for N2O users. Sound on the 2.0L has been claimed to be rather ricey due to the massive pipe diameter for a 2.0L

4. HKS Cat-Back Exhaust System
This exhaust system is designed for the 2.5L V6 Probe, but will bolt up to the 2.0L with an extension pipe. This is a full mandrel bent exhaust system.

5. Pacesetter Cat-Back Exhaust System
This exhaust system is designed for the 2.0L Probe. This is a full mandrel bent exhaust system. This exhaust is not of the greatest quality, but for many the price is right. Of all the available exhaust systems for the Probe, the Pacesetter is going to be the cheapest.

--------------------(Hi-Flow Catalytic Convertors)--------------------

1. Catco
Catco direct-fit catalytic converters not only outflow stock converters, but they also feature aluminized steel heat shields (many have dual shields), 409 stainless steel shells, 16-gauge stainless steel pipes and nipples, and a heat-resistant sealed mat, all of which help them last longer. These units are direct replacements for OE converters and will install with little or no modification. Some converters have steel air tubes with perforated holes to help distribute the airflow evenly, without robbing power. New flanges are included when necessary.

2. Pacesetter
• Meet EPA and C.A.R.B. requirements
• Larger, more efficient honeycomb catalyst
• Welded stainless steel case, OEM-style heat shield
• 5-year, 50,000-mile warranty
• Universal and direct-fit applications

3. Random Technology
This design, which meets Federal EPA and California ARB requirements, enables virtually any vehicle with a properly tuned engine to meet emissions standards with little, if any power loss (compared to an exhaust with no catalytic converter).

4. Carsound(Magnaflow)
Our years of research and development have resulted in many unique features that are exclusive to Car Sound. We combine efficient manufacturing techniques and state-of-the-art industrial design to produce an end process and product that sets, rather than meets, the highest standards of product performance and efficiency in the industry. All 49-State (EPA) catalytic converters are OBD-II and EPA compliant. All California State catalytic converters are CARB compliant.
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1. J-Spec FSZE Intake Cam
This intake camshaft is found in the 2.0L FS-ZE engine which is available in the Japanese Mazda 626/MX-6. According the importer, Corksport, the intake cam is believed to provide about 6 more degrees of duration. Dyno results have indicated that this cam effectively pushes the power band of American 2.0L up about 300-400 rpm, as well as yielding around 10 whp, but with a sacrifice in torque. This torque loss can mostly be attributed to lack of proper fueling and ignition timing of the stock ECU. Installation is more tedious than your basic bolt-on, so if you are not comfortable working on cars its best to take your car to a certified mechanic.

2. Crower Custom Ground Camshafts
Crower cams can regrind your stock cams with specs of 10-15 degrees more lit and duration. Crower has specs on file from previous orders. If you inform them of your motor plans they can make a grind accordingly. Custom Crower regrinds are 165 for both camshafts, but that does not include hardfacing. HP yield could be as much as 15HP. Installation is same as the FSZE intake camshaft....but instead of only the intake cam its both intake and exhuast cams.

3. Billet Blank Camshafts from AWR-Racing
These cams are true billet stock blanks that can be use to grind yourself custom cats to any specs. They dont require "regrinding" as they already haev the extra material. Therefore no hardfacing is needed. To be able to use the exhaust cam on the 93-97 Probe 2.0 you will need to be using a EDIS distributorless system. The Intake cam is a direct fit.

4. MazdaSpeed Intake an Exhaust Camshafts
Mazda intake and exhaust camshafts pair. These camshafts can add up to 15 HP to the 2.0L motor. The Mazda camshaft sets have an increased lift and also in an increase in duration .Very street-able and install with hand tools in a couple of hours. To be able to use the exhaust cam on the 93-97 Probe 2.0 you will need to be using a EDIS distributorless system. The Intake cam is a direct fit.

--------------------(Adjustable Cam gears)--------------------

1. Shane Racing Adj. Cam Gears
These custom high performance billet aluminum adjustable cam gears for the 2.0L protege, 2003 MazdaSpeed Protege, and the 1999 and newer 1.8L Protege. They come complete as a kit with all needed hardware and instructions. For the all out race car or high performance street cars. 6-9 HP.
Product Image

2. Sunbelt Performance Adj. Cam Gears -

--------------------(Racing Valve Springs)--------------------

1. Eibach
Eibach is known worldwide as a leader in performance spring technology including valve springs where we have been recognized for producing the finest valve springs for large diesel engines and injection pumps. Engine builders such as Sulzer, MAN, mtu, Bosch, I´Orange have come to regard us as their most trusted source for their valve springs. The EVS spring kit comes with 16 springs and is a bolt in kit.

--------------------(Head/Main Bolts)--------------------

Most Import engines have stretch-to-yield bolts that should only be used once. We recommend that you replace your Head Bolts when rebuilding your engine with new ones. Ajusa Head Bolts are better-than-stock bolts made in Spain, priced great with tens of thousands in stock and ready to ship. We ship worldwide!

2. Topline

3. ARP -
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February 13th, 2007, 10:13 AM   #4
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--------------------(Cold Air Intakes)--------------------

1. eBay Intake

2. Probe Addiction
Custom made specifically for your Ford Probe manual or automatic, V6 or I4! This kit comes with 3" K&N style chrome airfilter, adapter for breather hose, 2 polished bends and 3 Hose Technique couplers in the color of your choice. (red, blue, or black) We can also modify the kit for the KLZE motor. We also sell JUST the elbow to modify other CAI kits to fit the KLZE motor. Elbow + 2 couplers and vacuum adapter. You'll be impressed with the deep gulp of air your Probe will be taking!
Product Image

3. PRM Intake
Comes with Jet Stream Filter, silicone reducers, Mandrel bent polished aluminum down pipe. Filter/housing attaches to the stock air sensor (VAF). A great cold air intake system for wet climates. Made to fit 5-speed transmissions.
Product Image

4. Weapon R
Our Intake Systems are CNC Mandrel Bent out of 6061 aluminum, and then Hand Tig Welded to ensure a positive seal and proper fitment. Each one of our intake systems are carefully tuned, by matching the engines displacement, air intake capacity and airspeed to the intake systems tube size and length, maximizing every engines performance output.

5. Procarparts
1993-1996 FORD PROBE 4CYL SHORT RAM AIR INTAKE SYSTEM WITH K&N FILTER.Upgrade the factory air box to this performance air intake system. The system includes a real K&N air filter that was designed with performance in mind. It upgrades the air box to a more unrestricted form of air induction. This increase in airflow efficiency in your vehicle will ultimately lead to an increase in horsepower.

--------------------(ThermoBlok Spacers)--------------------

1. Outlaw Engineering
This dyno chart shows the results from the installation of a ThermoBlok kit on a '94 Ford Probe SE. The tests were done on the same car and same day, same gear, etc, immediately following the installation. The vehicle was fully warmed up for both tests and no other modifications were done.
RESULTS: maximum gain 3.1 horsepower and 4.4 ft-lbs of torque.

Dyno Image

This temp chart shows the temp reduction seen at the intake runners from the installation of a ThermoBlok kit on a '94 Ford Probe GT. The tests were done on the same car during a steady state 60 mph drive. The temps are shown as the difference between the manifold temp and the ambient air temp.
RESULTS: Approximately 20°F cooler at cruise and after idle.

Temp Image

--------------------(Intake Manifolds)--------------------

1. Mazda Protege FS-DE Manifold

2. Mazda FSZE Intake Manifold
Manifold install page:
Product Image
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Ignition Systems/Wires/Accessories

--------------------(Ignition Control Boxes)--------------------

1. MSD 6AL
The 6AL shares the same proven circuitry of the 6A with the addition of a built-in adjustable rev limiter. The combination of powerful sparks with the safety of a Soft Touch Rev Control is what makes the 6AL the most popular ignition control in the world. MSD first developed the Soft Touch rev control to prevent overrev damage to your motor in the event of a missed shift or driveline failure. The rpm limit is adjustable in 100 rpm increments with MSD’s plug-in modules. When the engine reaches your selected limit, the Soft Touch circuitry begins dropping the spark to various cylinders. On the next cycle, these plugs are fired again to prevent fuel from loading up in the cylinder. The result is a smooth and accurate limiting action without backfires or roughness. The Soft Touch Rev Control also opens the door for you to add rpm accessories such as a Two Step Rev Control. A Two Step allows you to set two rpm limits, one for a holeshot rpm and another for overrev protection. The 6AL is supplied with rubber shock mounts and modules for 3,000, 6,000, 7,000 and 8,000 rpm.

2. Jacobs Ignition
These Jacobs FC 3000 digital ignitions give you maximum power up to 12,000 rpm with 8-cylinder engines, and 24,000 rpm with 4-cylinder engines, with no high-end drop-off. They're one of the strongest street legal systems ever offered. With 525-550 V of capacitive discharge power, these units will substantially increase your horsepower, torque, and throttle response! The rotary dial set rev limiter and acceleration spark technology make the FC 3000 a perfect choice for your dragster, Circle Track car, or street pounder.

3. Accel 300+ Digital Ignition
What happens when you combine the accuracy of computer technology with a highly efficient electronics design? You get the Accel 300+ digital ignition and coil kits, which include features that no other single ignitions offer. Accel 300+ digital ignition and coil kits feature a multiple-spark discharge, 25 percent more spark current than their closest competitor, and they draw 1/3 of the current of other ignitions. Their "intelligent" rev limiting lets you dial-in top rpm without installing chips, and their smaller size means less weight and more mounting options. The Accel 300+ digital ignition and coil kits include a bolt-in replacement coil and direct plug-in, factory-style harness for a no-hassle quick and easy installation. To top it all off, Accel 300+ digital ignitions have a built-in upgrade to allow the use of the Accel 375+ digital ignition control module.

4. Crane Hi-6S
Crane's HI-6S ignition and coil kits will give you up to 70 percent more spark-gap energy than stock ignitions. Designed for street and racing use, they come with Crane's "Plug-n-Go" universal harness to cover most installations, with optional harnesses available separately. With a max output of 8,000 rpm (can be extended to 10,000 rpm on 4-cylinder engines) for up to 9.5:1 compression engines, you'll be sure to feel the improvement. Their built-in rev limiter automatically drops cylinders in firing order to prevent fuel loading, and is adjustable from 3,100-9,900 rpm in 100-rpm increments, without any chips. The optional 0-20 degree adjustable timing retard and MAP sensor make a great combination for nitrous and turbo applications. They have a soft urethane encapsulation that seals against moisture, dirt, dust, vibration, and heat, and an anodized heat-sink shell for reliability. Crane designed them to be points or module-triggered for 4, 6, and 8-cylinder engines with distributors.

--------------------(Ignition Wires)--------------------

1. Nology Hotwires
Nology HotWires are the most technologically advanced ignition wires available. HotWires create the most powerful spark possible. HotWires are engineered with a special built-in capacitor, exclusive only to HotWires. This revolutionary design allows energy from the ignition coil to accumulate in the capacitor until the voltage at the spark plug electrodes reaches the ionization point. At that split second point the entire power of the stored spark is discharged at once, creating a spark 300 times more powerful. The result is faster, more complete combustion, and most importantly, MORE HORSEPOWER that`s 100%. Smog Legal.

2. NGK Performance
NGK performance wires are custom manufactured for your vehicle, all have original equipment identical connections, but are constructed with superior quality cabling. The NGK ferrite magnetic core wire has only 1/2 the resistance of traditional carbon core wires, yet has all the same RFI suppression capabilities. In addition, traditional carbon core wires have a tendency to increase resistance with age while NGK's wire wound ferrite magnetic cables remain virtually unchanged. This means more power to the spark plug to begin with, plus longer life. Oil and high heat resistant (250 deg. celcius) silicone outer jacket.

3. Ractice Toucan
Ractive 9mm Triple Magnetic Core Wires consist of six layers of materials, to optimize the performance of the ignition wire set. They comprise a pure silicone outer jacket, fiberglass braiding, pure silicone, high conductive wire, magnetic tube and Kevlar/fiberglass composite core. The benefits include increased HP, easier starts, less carbon build up better fuel consumption. Resistance of 0.002k ohms is the lowest ever without compromising RFI and EMI. the basis of our Patent is the composite magnetic tube and high conductive wire. Dyno tested.

--------------------(Underdrive Pulleys)--------------------

1. Unorthodox Racing
• Real HP & torque gains across entire RPM range
• One of the highest HP/Torque per dollar gains on the market
• The broadest range of applications available
• Over 8 years of use in "real world" applications from street to strip to rally to road course
• Better than OEM belt fitment & alignment
• Accessory pulleys available seperately for many applications
• CAD designed & CNC'd from 6061 Aluminum billet

2. RR-Racing
• Lightweight billet aluminum gives you an extra 4-5 easy HP!
• Pulley is specially coated with a black "hard anodization layer" for extra wear resistance. This is not some kind of paint or powder coat that will wear off and lead to belt noise!
• Crank trigger is laser cut for the ultimate in timing precision.
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--------------------(Fuel Pumps)--------------------

1. Walbro
Walbro High Volume In-Tank and Inline Fuel Pumps - One of the leading original equipment fuel pump suppliers, Walbro fuel pumps set the industry standard for quality and dependability. Walbro has entered into the performance world with the hottest selling and most frequently used performance pumps on the market. What is the difference between the Walbro pumps? I thought they only had a 190lph and a 255lph pump...?" Well, there are actually quite a few different Walbro pumps that they offer. First, we have the 190lph, the 190lph-HP, the 255lph, and the 255lph-HP. Then we have the "flipped" versions of the Walbro 190lph, the 255lph, and the 255lph-HP (no 190lph-HP). SEE PIC BELOW. These pumps have the inlet rotated 180 degrees from the inlet. The reason is to allow for a greater number of fitments. With these 7 pumps, Walbro can fit numerous vehicle applications. Other than that, each "series" of pumps is the same in terms of fuel flow characteristics.
Comparison Chart Between 255HP-lph and 255-lph from Walbro

2. Venom Performance
The electronic fuel pump is the backbone the entire fuel delivery system. There is very small allowable variance in the quantity and volume of the fuel delivered. As the demands placed upon this component increases with increasing degrees of performance the allowable variances must decrease. At Venom performance our fuel pumps are built to insure maximum expectations are achieved at each and every performance level. Pressure limiter (relief valve) is tested to insure satisfactory relief at high pressures to insure against internal pump failure. Non-return valve tested to insure maintenance of line pressure during fuel pump off time. All pumps are leak tested, surge tested, noise tested (decibel). All stage 1 fuel pumps are 10% above stock fuel pump flow rate. All universal HP733-515 pumps are offered @ 10% above stock flow rate or the 5 flow rates listed below.

--------------------(Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulators)--------------------

1. Aeromotive
These Aeromotive A1000-6 injected bypass regulators were developed for high-horsepower EFI applications where -6 AN fuel lines are used for supply and return. These regulators are alcohol compatible and feature two -6 AN inlet ports and one -6 AN return port. They're beautifully finished with Type II bright red and clear anodized coatings and deliver long life, performance, and reliable operation.
Boost/Vacuum Rise Ratio: 1:1
Pressure Range (psi): 30-70

2. Edelbrock
Edelbrock fuel pressure regulators are machined from aircraft-quality aluminum for those who demand the best. These regulators feature a fluorosilicone diaphragm material for extended life and high-temperature protection. They are compatible with all grades of gasoline/methanol.
Pressure Range (psi): 35-90

3. Holley
These adjustable Holley fuel injection regulators are capable of providing all of the fuel pressure your high-performance, fuel-injected vehicle will require. They utilize a special wave spring to maintain constant fuel pressure.
Pressure Range (psi): 20-75

4. AEM
These billet aluminum AEM fuel pressure regulators can support engines of up to 1,000 hp. Featuring replaceable discharge ports to match your fuel pump output, they're adjustable from 20 psi up to the maximum pump capacity rating. They're available in a variety of colors for a variety of applications.
Pressure Range (psi): 20-150

5. Barry Grant EFI Bypass
The BG EFI Diaphragm Bypass is designed to meet the fuel pressure control demands of today's high performance electronic fuel injected engines in supercharged, turbocharged and/or nitrous applications.

--------------------(Nitrous Systems)--------------------

1. NOS (Nitrous Oxide Systems)
There's no reason why you can't give your sport compact a major power boost using the same sort of technology that the V-8 crowd has been for years. NOS has taken care of that with their Sport Compact nitrous-oxide systems. They can turn your mild-mannered ride into a fire-breather with a quick shot of 40-75 extra horsepower, with a dry system, or an even wilder 50-150 extra ponies with a wet system. The latter types are especially helpful to supercharged and turbocharged engines, which generate heavy doses of unwanted heat in the intake system. Kits come complete with the nitrous bottle and mounting brackets, nozzle, stainless-braided hose, fittings, jets, wiring, switches, and mounting hardware.

2. ZEX
ZEX dry nitrous systems feature an "Active Fuel Control" that reads bottle pressure and adjusts fuel enrichment to give optimum power safely at all bottle pressures. In addition, their exclusive throttle-position sensor switch "learns" the voltage curve of the engine's throttle position sensor, to activate the system at wide-open throttle every time. ZEX systems come pre-assembled and tested, so you know they'll work right out of the box, and you can install them quickly--there are no brackets to install or microswitches to adjust, and jet changes are simple.

3. Venom VCN-2000
VENOM VCN-2000 programmable nitrous oxide kits give you a patented, closed-loop fuel-control system with three ways to get your nitrous kick. Choose the linear mode to add nitrous as throttle and rpm increase, select the drag mode to add nitrous at wide-open throttle, or pick the timed mode to add a nitrous burst for a specified amount of time. The kits deliver 10 to 175 extra horsepower, use your stock fuel injectors to ensure an optimum air/fuel ratio, and come with a driver display to inform you of critical engine data.

4. Nitrous Express
It used to be that big horsepower increases required major internal engine modifications. However, Nitrous Express has a way that's a whole lot easier…and cheaper. Just bolting one of their EFI single-nozzle nitrous systems onto your domestic or import can add from 35 to 150 HP to a V8, with intermediate choices of 50, 75, and 100 HP (with a maximum of 75 HP for fours and sixes.) These systems rely on a Nitrous Express Shark performance nozzle and will work with standard fuel pumps, without any timing retard. The kits include the nitrous bottle, nozzle, hoses, solenoids, wiring, and mounting hardware.
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Engines/Rebuild Kits


1. Topline
Complete Engine: short block assembled w/complete cyl head, all timing components & oil pump (no oil pan, valve covers, manifolds)
Short Block: machined & assembled w/over-sized pistons, rings, matching crank kit, connecting rods and camshaft (if applicable)
Complete Cylinder Head:
New or non-welded remanufactured head assembled w/camshaft, lifters or rockers & rocker shafts (if appl.)
Cylinder Head: New or non-welded remanufactured head assembled w/valves, guides, springs, retainers, keepers ad valve stem seals

2. Speed Circuit
*Long Blocks
*Short Blocks

3. J-Spec FSZE
Approximately 170 HP
Engine requires extensive work to work in all A-Spec model Probe, Mx6, 626, and Proteges. Work includes converting to distributorless ignition and a aftermarket engine control system.

--------------------(Rebuild Kits)--------------------

1. Import Performance Parts
IPP's High Performance (HP) Engine Rebuild Kits are designed for building motors for expected HP increases above stock. Our kits include everything you need to build and protect your motor from small to large HP ranges and up to 1000 HP (including use of turbochargers, Nitrous, Superchargers or all motor on gas).
* Complete Gasket Set
* Performance Copper Head Gasket (up to 30 psi)
* ROSS/Wiseco Forged Pistons
(83, 83.5, 84 bore, 8.5-1 to 10.5-1 comp)
* ROSS Performance Rings
* Performance Wrist Pins
* TOGA HP Main Bearings
* TOGA HP Rod Bearings
* Thrust Washers
* Timing Belt
* Expansion Plugs

2. Top Line
Contains complete gasket set, set of pistons and rings, main bearings, rod bearings, thrust washers, timing belt, balance shaft bearings (if applicable), and a set of expansion plugs.
* Bronze Engine Kit: Major Kit components plus Oil Pump & Water Pump.
* Silver Engine Kit: Major Kit components plus a Timing Kit.
* Gold Engine Kit: Major Kit components plus Oil Pump.
* Platinum Engine Kit: Major Kit components plus complete Timing Kit and an Oil Pump.
* Ultra Engine Kit: Major Kit components plus complete Timing Kit, Oil Pump & Water Pump.
* Re-Ring Kit: Contains complete gasket set, main & rod bearings, thrust washers (if applicable), and piston ring set.

3. Racing Mazda
{Block Work}
Stage 1 (stock rebuild): For those in need of a stock replacement motor. This in for you. Brand new factor rods pistons and bearings. With great tuning, this motor will support 300 plus hp on a super or turbocharger.
Stage 2 (X- block): This custom built block feature special Pauter rods and Wiseco pistons. This will be great for those seeking power and reliability. The wrist pins are larger than the factor size, so the pistons and rods are designed larger. The ring package are also top quality and can hangle what ever boost you throw at it. The motor's rotating assembly are all balanced and blue printed with new bearings. 9:0:1 C R. Great for your PS protege, P5, MP3, 626, MX-6 and Probe.

{Head Work}
(Stage 1): Rebuild, pressure test, resurfacing, 3 angle valve job, stage 1 Porting. (providing your valve train parts are in great condition)
(Stage 2) Street: Rebuild, pressure test, resurfacing, 3 angle valve job, stage 1 Porting. Dual high rev springs, titanium retainers(providing your valve train parts are in great condition)
A core and shipping charges may apply. Options are available.
(Stage 3) X-Head: So, you want to make all that power. Here is the tool to get it done. This is complete with stock or oversize valves, Full porting, New Custom Cams, seats, locators, titanium retainers, dual springs good to 10,500 rpm, solid lifters (shim under bucket) all assembled and adjusted to spec. A core and shipping charges may apply. Options are available.
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1. JE

2. Topline
Topline OEM Pistons, Rings & Freeze Plugs
Pistons/Rings available in sizes: std., .020, .040

3. Weisco
Wiseco is world renown for their work building race winning pistons for compact engines featuring small bores, multi-valves, and high RPM's applications for many years.
1. Valve Pocket designs that allow max flow around valve, also allowing oversized valves and high lift cams to be utilized.
2. Piston crown shapes designed to promote max Intake Charge efficiency thru scavenging mixture 'Cross Flow" during intake and exhaust valve overlap. More fuel and air equals more horsepower.
3. Pistons designed to optimize squish or quench during compression/combustion cycle event, resulting in resistance to detonation and pre-ignition. The end product is longer engine life and increased horsepower potential.
4. Complex piston skirt profiles that reduce power robbing friction, yet promoting stability in bore for optimum ring seal.
5. Precision machined ring grooves with proper orifice/accumulator volume using calculated groove root diameters and axial widths, featuring excellent surface finish and flatness providing maximum ring seal and minimizes blow-by and oil consumption.
6. World class forging facility that utilizes the latest technologies featuring complex forged shapes, advanced materials, and featured aligned grain flw technology.

4. J-Spec FS-ZE Pistons

These OE Mazda of Japan pistons bump your compression ratio to 10.4:1 Extra tuning and adjustments may be required. Comes with wrist pins. Uses stock Mazda rings

5. MazdaSpeed Pistons
These 10.7 to 1 compression pistons will add quite a bit of zip to the 2.0 Liter Protege motor.


1. Pauter
Pauter offers unique single rib design E- 4340 chrome-moly forged rods. The clean, windage-reducing design and strength of these Pauter rods has proven to be extremely popular with racers, and their consistent high quality and excellent finish has resulted in many satisfied customers.
4340 Billet Rod Specifications:

• E4340 vacuum melt chrome moly forging – CNC machined
• Heat-treated to Rockwell C36; full coverage shotpeened; end-to-end balanced in sets.
• Pauter 220k psi tensile strength MSP220 steel, J-formed, rolled thread racing rod bolts (standard.)
• Aluminum-bronze wrist pin bushings (standard.)
EDM pressure-fed oiling to pin available for extra (see below)
• Custom pin diameters and center-to-center rod lengths can be ordered at no additional cost. High-performance bearings, tool steel wrist pins and forged aluminum pistons can be ordered specifically coordinated to your rod order (please inquire.)
• Keep in mind that we are geared for the production of custom sizes in all engine series.

2. Oliver

3. Carillo H Beams
These new rods are available for the 1.8 and 2.0 protege and 1993-95 mx6 & 93-97 ford probe 2.0 engines. They are a PRO A BEAM design which are constructed from the same material as the best H BEAM rod that Carrillo manufactures, but the manufacturing process requires approximately 20% less machining time. This rod suits the street / hotrod market. They come with Carrillo H bolts. There is no quality like Carrillo Quality!

4. Topline

--------------------(Oil Pumps)--------------------

1. Toga HV Oil Pump
All TOGA High Volume (HV) Oil Pumps are brand new, have tighter tolerances, are made of 4130 steel, and are hand packed with A.R.P. moly lube for initial start up! These are the finest Import High Volume Pumps in today's market place. We import these pumps from a Japan based company which makes both OEM and HV pumps for Import racing. Why get a Toga High Volume Oil Pump? Unlike other suppliers, TOGA supplies both the Pump and Front Cover for ALL front mounted Oil Pumps!

• They meet the demands of today's high performance engines
• They increase the life of any motor & are a must for high rev motors
• They give OEM builds a great amount of protection for the heart of the motor which = no oil starvation!
• All pumps are stamped with a red HV imprint
• All pumps come with a 2 year warranty (1 year for 800HP+)

2. Topline
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1. Spec
(Stage 1):
(Types of Driving: Street, Drag, Drift, Road Race, Rallye, Pulling, Autocross)
For bolt on naturally aspirated and mildly modified forced induction engines. Stock-like daily drivability and very good wear characteristics. High clamp pressure plate, steel-backed and multi-compound woven organic material and high torque sprung hub and disc assembly, bearing and tool kit.
(Stage 2):
(Types of Driving: Street, Drag, Pulling, Autocross)
For all mild to moderately modified naturally aspirated and power adder engines. (Also good for stock power levels and spririted driving when good daily drivability and extremely long life are the goal.) Stock-like daily drivability and EXCELLENT wear characteristics. High clamp pressure plate, pure Kevlar friction material and high torque sprung hub and disc assembly, bearing and tool kit.
(Stage 3):
(Types of Driving: Street, Drag, Drift, Road Race, Rallye, Pulling, Autocross)
For heavily modified street and race engines. Offers sufficient daily drivability with a comfortable pedal feel and quick engagement. Offers good wear characteristics under low and high stress usage. High clamp pressure plate, 4 or 6 puck carbon semi-metallic friction with high torque sprung hub and disc assembly, bearing and tool kit. 6 puck is standard on most applications, but 4 puck can be specified when ordering.
(Stage 3+):
(Types of Driving: Street, Drag, Drift, Road Race, Pulling)
For heavily modified street and race engines making more torque than the st3 can support. Offers good daily driveability and better manageability than the stage 3, with even better wear characteristics. High clamp pressure plate, full-faced carbon metallic friction, high torque sprung hub and disc assembly, bearing and tool kit.
(Stage 4):
(Types of Driving: Drag, Drift, Road Race, Rallye, Pulling, Circle Track)
For heavily modified engines or engines of any modification level being used in the above driving environments, where an instantaneous engagement and light weight are beneficial. Not street-friendly due to harsh engagement. High clamp pressure plate, 3,4 or 6 puck carbon semi-metallic friction with high torque rigid hub and carrier assembly, bearing and tool kit.
(Stage 5):
(Types of Driving: Drag, Pulling)
For extremely modified drag race and pulling engines, or applications that call for a ‘slipper’ clutch/progressive torque-induced engagement. These clutches are best ordered as custom configured and should be ordered after providing specific information about the car and it’s purpose to a SPEC technical assistant. Not street-friendly due to harsh engagement. High clamp pressure plate (adjustability available on some applications), rigid iron disc assembly, bearing and tool kit.

2. Clutchmasters
(Stage O "R"):__________200 lb-ft of torque
(Stage 1): __________220 lb-ft of torque
(Stage 2 "R"):__________240 lb-ft of torque
(Stage 3):__________270 lb-ft of torque

3. Unorthodox Racing
• Full Face Kevlar Clutch Kit (Stage 1)
• Windowed Kevlar Clutch Kit (Stage 2)

Our Kevlar setups consist of either a full-face or windowed facing with a sprung or unsprung hub, matched heavy-duty pressure plate, and a release bearing. Heavy-duty sprung hubs are available on most kits. The key components for these street/strip setups are the Kevlar facings.width=32We use a 100% pure Kevlar material in our design since Kevlar blends do not work well. Lasting as much as 5 times longer than a stock unit in a stock vehicle, our Kevlar units can handle a 30% increase over the vehicles stock torque rating. Windowed Kevlar can hold slightly higher loads (up to 45%) and is recommended in 4WD applications as well. These are basic ratings which will vary slightly with different applications. Please contact us for a more specific rating for your vehicle. Driveability with Kevlar is rated as “nearly-stock” in feel and engagement.
• 4-Paddle Ceramic Clutch Kit (Stage 3)
• 6-Paddle Ceramic Clutch Kit (Stage 3)

Our 4 and 6 paddle ceramic setups utilize a specially blended ceramic button with a sprung or unsprung hub, matched heavy duty pressure plate, and release bearing. Most applications are available with either sprung or unsprung hubs. Paddle style ceramic discs can be ordered in either a 6 button (semi-aggressive/high torque capacity) or 4 button (aggressive / max torque width=32capacity) carrier. These unique buttons have an excellent wear rating for both the material and contact surfaces and are capable of lasting 5,000 to 25,000 miles, depending on your driving habits. Other benefits of this blend include a high holding capacity (up to 80% over the stock torque rating of the vehicle) and decent driveability (especially with our sprung hub!) on the street. Our paddle style ceramic kits are recommended for those who have added a large turbo, supercharger, or large nitrous shot to their naturally aspirated engine or have a factory turbo vehicle that has been highly modified. For those who are pushing their power ratings 80% or higher over the stock vehicles rated power, you may want to take a look at our new paddle style feramic discs.
• 4-Paddle Feramic Clutch Kit (Stage 4)
• 6-Paddle Feramic Clutch Kit (Stage 4)

New for 2004! Our 4 and 6 paddle feramic setups utilize a new aggressive but STREETABLE high-torque feramic button with a sprung or unsprung hub, matched heavy duty pressure plate, and release bearing. Most applications are available in either a sprung or unsprung hub. Paddle style feramic discs can be ordered in either a 6 button (semi-aggressive/high torque capacity) or 4 button (aggressive/max torque capacity) carrier. These new buttons go beyond the holding capacity of our ceramic units, have an excellent wear rating for both the material and contact surfaces, and are VERY streetable (unheard of in an aggressive clutch like this). The high holding capacity (110% or higher over the stock torque rating of the vehicle) of this clutch exceeds the ratings of some multi-disc clutches! Our paddle style feramic kits are recommended for those who are in need of a street clutch with the holding capacity of a race clutch.
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--------------------(Clutches Continued)--------------------

4. DXD
Rally Kit: (HD Stage 1) (260 ft lbs.)
Rally kits contain a modified high performance pressure plate and heavy duty organic disc. The linings on this disc are premium woven medium metal content lining. This facing has a 9000 RPM burst and dissipates heat quicker then any other organic lining on the market. This kit generates 1/3 more torque then stock. Also included in the kit are a throw-out bearing, pilot bearing, and alignment tool.
TZ Kit: (HD Stage 2) (300 ft lbs)
TZ kits contain a modified high performance pressure plate with a heavy duty Kevlar® lined disc. The metal backed Kevlar® linings provide a smooth engagement and have the torque capacity to handle high horse power, high revving engines . These clutch kits maintain a stock feel at the pedal and have unmatched durability. Also included in the kit are a throw out bearing, pilot bearing, and alignment tool.
OFE Kit: (HD Stage 3) (315 ft lbs)
The OFE kit combines the newest technology in linings: A Feramic full face lining on the flywheel side and a "Medium Metal" content Organic lining on the pressure plate side. This combination runs cooler and significantly extends clutch life. The OFE series clutch not only engages very smooth, it has the torque capacity of other Stage 4 clutch kits. This state of the art kit is what everybody wants when it comes to street performance.
OFE Kit: SS Stage 4
The OFE SS kit combines the newest technology in linings: A Feramic full face lining on the flywheel side and a "Medium Metal" content Organic lining on the pressure plate side. This combination runs cooler and significantly extends clutch life. The OFE SS series clutch not only engages very smooth, it has the torque capacity of other Stage 5 clutch kits.
FE Kit: SS Stage 5
The FE SS series is the ultimate when it comes to delivering maximum torque to the street and strip driven car. With Feramic on both sides of the disc, the clutch delivers a more positive engagement. Because Feramic clutch material displaces heat extremely fast it will give you maximum clutch life and a consistent feel each time you shift.

5. ACT
4 Puck Clutch Kit: Copper Ceramic Race Discs (Xtreme Discs) RACE READY! Shifting is quick and sure due to the lightweight rigid design. ACT Xtreme Race Discs are available in 4 or 6-pad solid hub design, these pads (pucks, buttons) are highly durable and resistant to heat. Why use an ACT Xtreme Race Disc? The copper ceramic material holds approximately 28% more torque than an organic lining. ACT Copper Ceramic Xtreme Race Discs engage fairly harsh and are not normally recommended for street use. The 4-pad ACT Xtreme Race Discs engage harsher, shift faster, and are well suited for smaller disc sizes from smaller engines. (Torque Capacity: 343 - 34% pressure increase over stock)
6 Puck Clutch Kit: Copper Ceramic Race Discs (Xtreme Discs) RACE READY! Shifting is quick and sure due to the lightweight rigid design. ACT Xtreme Race Discs are available in 4 or 6-pad solid hub design, these pads (pucks, buttons) are highly durable and resistant to heat. Why use an ACT Xtreme Race Disc? The copper ceramic material holds approximately 28% more torque than an organic lining. ACT Copper Ceramic Xtreme Race Discs engage fairly harsh and are not normally recommended for street use. ACT recommends 6-pad ACT Xtreme Race Discs for larger sizes to absorb more heat and for smoother engagement. (Torque Capacity: 343 - 34% pressure increase over stock)
Street Performance Clutch Kit: Provides increased torque capacity, durability, and extended clutch life. Altering the geometry and engineered stronger diaphragm increases pressure. Diaphragms are heat-treated using an exclusive 3-stage process and the release bearing contact area is hardened to reduce wear. Organic faced Street Disc is designed for smooth engagement and durability. This clutch is great for everyday use and will hold up to the weekend racer. (Torque Capacity: 268 - 34% pressure increase over stock)


1. Fidanza
Our aluminum flywheels are made from the highest quality 6061 T6 aluminum. The material is fantastic for strength, heat dissipation and of course reduction in weight. The friction surface we use is an incredibly strong 1050 steel. The plates are milled to meet our high specifications. A Fidanza flywheel can mate with any type of clutch material, including organic, kevlar, ceramic, metallic and sintered iron. We attach the friction surface with military grade aerospace fasteners. The ring gears we use are also made from 1050 steel and are heat treated for durability. The gears are heated then pressed on and secured with grade 8 button screws. We were the first to utilize a stepped dowel system in most of our flywheel applications. This doweling method ensures that once the pressure plate is installed the dowels cannot be removed because they become locked into place. Fidanza designs and builds flywheels with extreme precision. We give tuners, racers and builders the high performance and unmatched power they’re seeking. Specs: 6061 T6 Billet Aluminum Grade 10 Aerospace Fasteners Exclusive Stepped Dowels Replacable 1050 Steel Friction Surface 1050 Hardend Ring Gear CNC Machined at Constant Surafce Speed (Weight: 7lbs)

2. Spec
SPEC flywheels are CNC manufactured at an unheard-of .001 tolerance, in an industry where the standard is .010. This precision manufacturing process ensures perfect balance and a perfectly flat bedding surface for the clutch disc, both of which also contribute to the ultimate in safety for competitive environments. All SPEC flywheels carry SFI certification. (sfi link) To allow for specific inertia needs, SPEC flywheels are made in high carbon billet steel and aircraft quality billet aluminum. The aluminum and most steel SPEC units are rebuildable and feature a replaceable steel friction plate that is made from a friction- enhancing steel metal specially formulated for optimum clutch bedding and holding power. The aluminum and steel materials provide a light and medium weight option for all types of racing. SPEC spends a lot of time and effort on research and development of optimum flywheel dimensions and weights for all types of driving and racing and can optimize your MOI (moment of inertia) to maximize your car's output and performance.
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--------------------(Engine Mounts and Mount Inserts)--------------------

1. AWR Racing
AWR is aware there are other companies now out there which are selling 'pretty' engine mounts, that are cheaper than our mounts. While we strive to make a nice looking product, function is our primary goal. These other mounts, while shiny and pretty, use a really soft urethane bushing, which will not come close to stopping your driveline lash. If you just want your hidden mounts to be pretty, then you can buy the other mounts, but if you truly want a performance mount, then there is no substitute for the AWR mount with stiff urethane bushings. Manufactured with stiff urethane bushings instead of rubber encased in a gold zinc bracket. Our softest 70 durometer urethane, yet still provides much more motion control than stock mounts. Recommended for Automatic transmission model or for manual transmission if you don't want the stiffer 88 or 95 durometer mounts. Helps stop drivetain lash (rocking) when transitioning from gas on to gas off. Includes left and right (near radiator and firewall) engine mounts in urethane (39-040/050). Can be used on Automatic or Manual transmissions.

2. RR-Racing Mount Inserts
Why purchase RR-Racing motor mounts inserts? The fact is front drive cars suffer from torn and worn motor mounts. This result in wheel hop, a dangerous condition that can cause excessive stress to drivetrain components, and even cause breakage of the transmission case (on Probes/Mx6 the rear mount is actually bolted to the tranny case)!! RR-Racing polyurethane motor mount inserts are the economical cure to old torn or worn motor mounts, and they offer a significant performance improvement as well.

3. MazdaSpeed
The Mazdaspeed engine mount set comes with all 5 mounts that bolt to the engine and transmission. The mounts are OEM quality and construction. The rubber is 30% stiffer then OEM mounts. Good for an upgrade or for a replacement to worn out mounts. *Available separately, call for pricing.

--------------------(SS Clutch Lines)--------------------

1. Corksport
The stainless clutch line won't expand like the OE rubber one allowing more pressure to go to the clutch . This line is constructed from scratch for it's specific use, it is not a brake line that happens to fit.

2. RR-Racing
Do you have a high performance clutch? Do you race or aggressively drive your mazda/probe? If the answer is YES, then a stainless clutch line is for you. The reason is that performance clutch pressure plate loads are greater than stock, thereby increasing line pressure in your hydraulic clutch line. A stainless steel clutch line eliminates the "mushiness" in clutch pedal feel, just like stainless steel brake lines improve brake pedal feel. The result is better control and better modulation of the clutch pedal = better traction!

--------------------(Short Throw Shifters)--------------------

1. RR-Racing
Looking for the best short throw shifter for your Ford Probe GT, Mazda MX6 & 626 that money can buy? Look no further. No other Probe/MX6 shifter utilizes our unique bearing pivot and optional polyurethane shift stabilizer bushings for ultra precise smooth shifting... and no other shifter has our precision billet aluminum construction. Also available as combo package with our J-spec red-stitched Napa leather shift boot.

2. PRD
Get rid of that weak, flexible stock shifter. Get firmer throws and a more positive gear selection. Get an advantage...
*** Please note, this is NOT a shortened stock shifter you cannot reduce the throw in that manner. This is a fully handcrafted replacement piece that has been track proven to reduce shifting time and distance. ***

Completely handcrafted, lathe machined
Solid steel shaft assembly
Powdercoated in high gloss black
Delrin® composite pivot ball
Counterbalanced pivot/bearing assembly
Accepts stock and aftermarket shift knobs

3. Pacesetter
Quik-Shift Adjustable Throw Shifters let you adjust the throw length as well as the stick height for shorter throws and faster, more precise shifting. The exclusive AdjustaBall shift ball is made from Delrin, a material specifically selected for its low-friction, long-life characteristics. Adjustment can give as much as an 80% shorter throw for flick-of-the-wrist shifting. The one-piece, polished and chrome-plated Quik-Shift shifter is formed from an extremely durable steel alloy. The extra weight of the steel lever delivers more precise shifting action than lightweight aluminum shift levers. Limited Lifetime Warranty!

4. B&M
A unique sport shifter engineered for the Ford Probe enthusiasts. This Sport Shifter has all of the features a performance minded driver requires. The finest materials, CAD designed, coupled with a short throw results in one extraordinary precision shifting system. This stylized precision shifter includes many of the key features found in race shifters including a stainless steel stick assembly, a CNC machined aluminum pivot housing and a spherical bearing. All of this combined with a simple straightforward installation provides a professional level shifter.

3. Fidanza
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--------------------(Strut/Coilover Packages)--------------------

1. AWR Racing
1993-97 Mazda MX6 and 1993-97 Ford Probe strut kit. Special Bilstein inserts installed into our own strut tubes. These are the shortest possible strut inserts available and can only be purchased through A.W.R. Kit comes complete ready to bolt in and is supplied with adjustable spring perches so the ride height is adjustable though the shocks are non adjustable. The shocks are fully rebuildable and can be revalved to suit other road racing or autocross applications. They are specifically valved for this application. Spring rates are 325F / 425R. This is an exceptional road and autocross package! If using with stock Strut Mounts, strut mount shaft hole will have to be opened to a full circle instead of the stock half moon.

2. K-Sport
Ksport Kontrol Pro Fully Adjustable Coilover Kits provide the ultimate in suspension technology for your street or track car. 36 levels of dampening adjustment allow you to fine tune the ride to your handling and comfort needs. The dampening adjusts compression and rebound simultaneously for ease of adjustment. Pillow ball top mounts in the front and rear on some applications allow you to maintain vehicle manufacturer suspension geometry design. The pillow ball top mounts also allow you a more direct feel for solid driver response. Camber adjustability is included on pillow ball top mounts that allow it for the ability to adjust camber from the actual coilover, instead of a separate camber kit. Most applications utilize an adjustable lower mount, which means you adjust height without losing suspension travel like some other coilover designs do. With the mounts and most pieces of the coilover being designed for 6061 billet aluminum the kit is lightweight, durable, and rust resistant. The steel shock body is electroplated with zinc to resist rust and the elements. The valving of each set is matched to the springs installed for unmatched ride quality and reliability. The Ksport system uses a Monotube design in which the oil and gas are separated within the cylinder. When compared to twin tube designs the Monotube dissipates heat better, allows finer dampening adjustments, and requires more expensive design process. Aeration and cavatation are a lot less common in a Monotube design, which results in a better ride. The Ksport Kontrol Pro Coilover kit has been designed with professional road racing in mind offering extremely high value and performance.
Key Features:

• 36-way adjustable dampening
• Made from high quality 6061 Aluminum with T6 for increased hardness
• Compression/Rebound adjustable
• Adjustable spring perch for height adjustment
• Adjustable body allowing maximum suspension travel
• Pillow Ball Top Mount w/ adjustable camber (not available for some models)
• Monotube High Pressure Design reduces oil leakage
• Electroplated body for protection from corrosion and rust
• One Year Limited Warranty

3. Tein
TEIN has developed advanced technology to design the shell case and stroke to bring out the full potential of your vehicle.
These features of the TEIN Super Street Damper kit were designed with greater performance to satisfy all your driving demands. This high performance damper can be used for weekend racing and/or daily driving. The discomfort caused by uneven roads or bumps are eliminated on daily street use. For race use, the ride height adjustable system enables you to adjust ride height and 16 levels of damping force. In other words, you can set your vehicle to meet all situations!

• High performance and cost effective.
• 16 levels of damping force adjustment (compression and rebound together).
• Ride height adjustable.
• New paint coating for rust prevention.
• Pillow ball mounts are optional (on certain applications).
• Exclusive design for USA vehicle specifications (only available for the U.S.A Market).
• Available for overhaul.

4. Leda
LEDA suspension has manufactured shock absorbers for all types of vehicles, from passenger cars to all out racers. LEDA’s goal has always been straightforward; to build tough, reliable, and durable suspension units which provide excellent performance while withstanding the demands of international motorsport with minimal maintenance. LEDA custom builds units for street and race cars alike, and incorporates special valving to suit the customer's requirements. All LEDA suspension units are built by hand, utilizing the very best race-proven components available anywhere in the world! Over the past 25 years, LEDA has produced shocks and struts for many of the winning Porsche FIA GT cars, British F1 Teams, FIA World Rally Teams, and United Kingdom Porsche Championship Series Teams, as well as many pro and club race cars throughout Europe. LEDA units are known for their durability and race winning performance. If you are serious about the performance and handling of your car, LEDA double adjustable suspension systems are for you!
LEDA Strut and Shock Features

• Each unit individually custom valved by LEDA engineers for your cars effective spring rates and application
• 5 models available
• Single body Oil, Non-Adjustable models.
• Single body Oil and Gas Charged Double Adjustable models utilize adjustable bump and rebound settings via a single progressive 24 position adjuster knob (no special tools required).
• Remote reservoir Double Adjustable gas charged units have 24 separate rebound and bump settings, giving an overall range of "576" distinct damper settings which are set via two adjuster knobs.
• Specially blended fully synthetic oil allowing high working temperature without any fade characteristics-together with at least 150% more oil content than conventional non-adjustable inserted struts.
• Quality gauge steel tubing for increased durability, electroless nickle/zinc plated to resist corrosion.
• Infinite range of damper settings available.
• Rising rate damping characteristic as piston speed increases.
• Shocks utilize spherical bearing mounts.
• Fully rebuildable and revalveable units - saving on replacement costs.
• Piston rods in nickel chromium molybdenum steel with nitrotec coating.
• High quality stainless double braided hose and fittings to remote reservoir.
• Alloy spring seats anodized to resist corrosion.
• Available for all Porsche models and budgets.
• Complete Coil Over Kits available as well.
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1. KYB
KYB GR-2 gas shocks and struts rely on velocity-sensitive valving to respond to changing road conditions for a smooth, comfortable ride. They feature sintered-iron pistons and guide rods for strength, hard-chrome piston rods for added durability, and seamless cylinders and eyerings that eliminate the typical weak points found in other brands' products. GR-2 shocks and struts also have a patented check valve to minimize foaming and aeration and maintain control under tough conditions.

2. Tokico
TOKICO's HP Series - the famous "Blue Shock" - continues to be the overwhelming choice of performance enthusiasts looking for the best in overall handling and ride quality. The HP Series damping typifies TOKICO's valving flexibility and philosophy by minimizing low speed damping force and greatly increasing damping at medium and high piston speeds for improved compliance, tire adhesion and handling.

For the serious enthusiast, TOKICO offers five-position adjustable Illumina Series shocks and struts. Its sophisticated adjustment system was designed for tuning street suspensions, so you have the ability to set up your car’s handling for a variety of driving environments. Using a screwdriver, a simple click indicates your change to ride or handling balance. So whether you’re going to the track, or simply cruising, the Illumina’s adjustment range adapts to your needs. Illumina even works on the race track. Steeda, a nationally known Mustang tuner, uses Illumina struts and shocks on their road race and drag race cars. The Illumina units not only perform well, but Steeda is pleased with their durability. Internally, Illumina uses TOKICO’s sophisticated multi-stage, variable-aperture piston and valve system combined with a five-position bypass shutter-valve. This valve system allows simultaneous rebound and compression damping adjustment. A shutter-valve detent permits making easy adjustments, so that you can make quick changes and still know which setting you’ve chosen.

3. Mazdaspeed
The Mazdaspeed adjustable struts are a direct replacement strut offers adjustability in rebound and dampening to make you car handle the way you want it to. The struts are 4 position adjustable and adjust rebound and dampening. The fronts adjust from the top of the strut and the rears adjust from the side. The struts are made to work with ABS and non ABS vehicles. We recommend installing the Mazdaspeed struts with performance springs to get the most from the struts.


1. Ground Control
Commonly called a “Coil-Over kit”, this kit has all the pieces needed to convert the struts on your car to 2 1/2 inch I.D. racing springs. In addition to the ability to set the ride height almost wherever you want, you can also adjust corner weights, roll center height and change spring rates quickly and easily. These kits come with an Eibach race spring (custom rates available), a two-piece threaded height adjustment sleeve machined from 7075 T-6 seamless aluminum tubing, and a billet aluminum upper spring perch.

2. Dropzone
Do you want to adjust the lowering of your car between 1-3 inches? Dropzone Coilovers make that easy with the most affordable adjustable coilover kit on the market! Dropzone Coilovers use 2.5" diameter race springs that install on your shocks and allow you to use either stock shocks or aftermarket shocks for this conversion. This allows you to have aggressive handling along with a customized vehicle stance. Dropzone Coilovers come with all the parts necessary to install and Adjust Ride Height. With every Dropzone Coil Over purchase comes a Limited Lifetime Warranty by the Dropzone! This includes all parts of the Dropzone Coil Over system. How can you go wrong? Installation time varies from 2-5 hours with proper tools. Dropzone Coilovers can be used with stock shocks. As a general rule, you will need to replace the shocks on your car every 50,000 miles to maintain optimum handling and ride control. Coilovers Purchases are covered by a warranty from the manufacturer, but are not returnable after purchase.
Parts Included with Dropzone Coil Overs

* 4 2.5" Diameter Race Springs
* Red or Green Springs Depending on Specification
* 4 Sleeves and Dual Locking Perches
* Complete Installation Hardware with Adjustment tools
* Basic Installation Instructions, Toll Free Tech Support
* * Strut Spring Perch may need Modifications
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1. Eibach
(1.30" drop)
The Eibach Pro Kit Lowering Springs are the perfect answer for most frequently driven streetcars. Its Eibachs legendary Progressive Lowering spring system that dramatically improves both a vehicles performance and appearance. The Eibach Pro Kit lowers your cars center of gravity, reducing squat during acceleration, body roll in corners and excessive nose-dive under braking. When combined with Plus-1 or Plus-2 wheels and tires, the Eibach Pro Kit is the finishing touch to a winning recipe for performance. Eibach Pro Kit Lowering Springs also reduces excessive fender-well clearance, making your car look just as hot as it performs. Every Eibach Pro Kit is designed and tested by Eibach suspension engineers and performance driving professionals, to deliver aggressive good looks and high performance handling, without ever compromising safety or ride quality. By using Eibachs proprietary, progressive spring Kit design, Pro Kit provides the ultimate balance to take your passion for driving to a whole new level.

* High Performance Handling
* Lower Center of Gravity Lowers vehicle 1.0"-1.5"
* Progressive Spring Design
* Excellent Ride Quality
* Million Mile Warranty
* Part of the Eibach Pro System

2. Tokico
(1" Drop)
TOKICO sport lowering springs are made from the finest alloy spring steel and they are designed to improve handling and appearance while still providing good ride quality. they are also designed to work in conjunction with TOKICO shock absorber products and avoid the damage caused by excessive lowering or excessive spring rates.

3. B&G
(1.2" Drop)
Drawing on over 150 years of spring design and manufacturing expertise, our S2 Sport Springs are engineered to improve handling while maintaining safety and ride quality. By redesigning the O.E. Spring and lowering the center of gravity from 1-2.5 inches (depending on vehicle and application) our technicians dramatically improved your vehicle’s performance and appearance. Incorporating a progressive rate design allow B+G springs to offer higher spring rates for improved road hold, while maintaining a comfortable ride for daily driving.

4. H&R
(1.3" drop)
H&R's most popular spring. Sport Springs lower vehicle ride height (1.3" Front, 1.25" Rear) for a lower center of gravity, great handling and killer looks. Sport springs feature a spring rate that is firmer than that of our OE Sport springs, but is still comfortable enough

5. Intrax
(1.75" drop)
INTRAX designs most of its lowering kits with progressive rates, to satisfy the two features you've asked for most. First, the lowered look. Most other brands' springs are linear rate, as this is cost-effective but doesn't necessarily provide the visual effect you desire. By designing a progressive spring, we achieve the lowered look while maintaining safety standards of spring preload at suspension droop. The second requirement is ride quality. Since most of you identified that you drove 90% of your mileage to and from work, you wanted to retain some ride quality enjoyed with OE springs. If you're driving to work on a racetrack, "Sport" or "Race" springs from other brands may be for you. INTRAX progressive springs provide high performance looks and comfortable ride quality.

6. Sprint Performance Suspension
Suspension lowering springs are made with the enthusiast in mind. We offer lowering heights ranging from 1.50 inches to an astounding 3.25 inches on some applications. They combine the best of both worlds, a great ride at a height that enthusiast want. Sprint Springs are designed, engineered, and tested in house. All Sprint springs are shot-peened, heat treated, pre-set, inspected, tested and performance powder coated to insure a lifetime of durability. They are manufactured in the USA using the finest chrome silicon steel on computerized CNC coiling machines. Sprint Springs are also ISO 9001 Certified so they come with a limited LIFETIME WARRANTY.
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--------------------(Sway Bars)--------------------

1. AWR Racing
FORD PROBE / MAZDA MX6 19 M.M. rear anti sway bar complete with adjustable end link kit. powder coated black. sway bar is fabricated from 19mm x .219 wall d.o.m. tubing and is complete and ready to install.

2. AWR Racing
Reduce body roll, understeer, and generally sloppy handling with one of these Addco anti-sway bar kits. The bar is made from high-carbon steel, and is hardened and stress-relieved to give your suspension superior support during sudden or sharp turns. Other features include 12-gauge zinc chromate plated brackets with fully enclosed bushings, and heat-treated endlink bolts for added strength.

3. 626 Swaybar from PRD
Complete sway bar kit availabe for the 1993-1997 Ford Probe, GT, SE, Mazda MX6 & 626. This kit includes Upgraded MOOG endlinks, a 16mm sway bar, bushings and all necessary hardware. All you need are a couple hand tools and about 20 mins of your time to truly improve your handling. This is a great option for those who want to improve their suspension but don't want the problems caused by some larger bars.

--------------------(Upgraded Trailing Links)--------------------

1. AWR Racing
Ford Probe rear trailing arms [pair]. Polyurethane bushings for improved rear stability and control.

--------------------(Camber Plates)--------------------

1. AWR Racing
Allows for adjustment of front Camber and Caster on 1993-97 Mazda MX6, 626 and 1993-97 Ford Probe. Supplied with bushings to allow the use of Bilstein P30 series or other aftermarket shocks with .560 inch shaft size, and also downsized .500 inch bushings. However when provided with the diameter of your strut shaft we can provide a spacer to make the camber plates work on your application.

2. Cusco

--------------------(Front Strut Bars)--------------------

1. Freedom Designs

2. Procarparts
Ford Probe 4-Cylinder 1993-1998 Otto-R 40mm Front Upper Strut Tower Bar - - Improve the way your car handles by using our Front upper strut tower bar. It minimizes body roll on both stock and modified cars. It will work best for cars with upgraded suspensions however it will increase the performance of cars that are using factory springs and shocks also.Our Otto-R strut tower bars are designed to counteract the natural forces your car confronts each time you are on the road by signifigantly reduce the severe flexing of the chassis and reduce understeer. Our high quality mounting plates are tig-welded for durable strength. The bar is manufactured from a lightweight aluminum alloy polished to a mirror shine. This is a great modification if you would like to start to improve the way your car handles on the road.

--------------------(Rear Strut Bars)--------------------

1. AWR
1993 -97 Ford Probe rear strut brace. powder coated black

2. Corksports
A great addition to your car. Strut bars help increase the stiffness of your chassis which results in improved handling and steering response. This strut bar offers improved quality and functionality over our previous strut bar. This bar compares to the Mazdaspeed and Cusco strut tower bars but at around 1/2 the cost.

3. Probesport (PRD)
This item is a hand crafted solution to the problem of a flexing rear cavity, an inherent problem in hatchback vehicles. The RSB-99 is a single piece of steel pipe(0.83 wll thickness) with arbor pressed, and milled ends. This bar does not flex and does not have the weak spots as seen in "other" adjustable style bars. The RSB-99 comes in a black powder coated finish, and is complimented with contrasting PRD logo's.

4. Procarparts

--------------------(Control Arm Bushings)--------------------

1. SuperPro
SuperPro is a polyurethane elastomer based material and is a class of "Thermosetting" synthetic polymer that involves the reaction of various types of isocyanate resin with curing agents to give an extremely durable material with the best features of rubbber and plastic. SuperPro polyurethane product range is fully backed by a professional research & evelopment program based on many years of hands on experience in the suspension industry.

2. Pedders Suspension
Pedders Suspension front arm bushing kit is made from urethane and is more durable that the stock rubber bushing. The bushing kit includes steel sleeves. The kit includes front and rear bushings that fit the front lower A arm. Fits all models and one kit does the entire car.
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1. AWR Racing
• Heavy duty all Aluminum radiator provides superior cooling for high performance applications.
• Bolts in stock location.
• Race car performance and quality for your race car or street car.
• Completely constructed from aircraft quality 6061-T6 aluminum alloy.
• Fully tig welded fixture built for accuracy.
• No epoxy bonding
• Furnace brazed core..
• Exclusive multi louvered fin design for exceptional cooling.
• No need to run outlandish thick core radiator.
• CNC formed header tanks.
• Radiators are direct bolt in design that require no modification to any existing factory accessories or body work.
• Correct outlets and hardware bosses to accept factory fans and hoses.
• Race track and street proven.
• Pressure tested to 32 psi - far beyond actual cooling system safe operating pressures.

--------------------(Radiator Hoses)--------------------

1. Samco Sport
The Samco Sport hose kits are designed to replace original equipment in a wide range of performance vehicles, both in motorsport and fast road use. Superb integrity and superior performance reduces the risk of component failure and enables higher temperatures and pressures to be maintained with complete confidence. With superlative quality proven on race and rally circuits worldwide, Samco Sport silicone hoses are the first choice of engineers demanding total reliability under competition and fast road conditions.

--------------------(Radiator Caps)--------------------

1. GReddy
GReddy high-pressure radiator caps are OEM style caps that directly replace the factory cap. Not only does the metal GReddy badge on the cap dress up your engine compartment but the 1.3kg/cm2 (18.5psi) pressure rating increases the performance of your radiator. Two types are available to fit most Japanese vehicles.
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--------------------(Big Brake Kits)--------------------

1. MBX Motorsports
MBXmotorsports Ultimate Front and Rear Big Brake kits featuring 13” replacement Gas slotted and cross drilled cadmium plated rotors with 4 Piston Wilwood calipers, Caliper mounting brackets, caliper bracket spacers, Axis Metal Master brake pads, Stainless steel braided Teflon flex hose kits, chasis fitting adapters, 90 degree
Fittings, caliper mounting bracket bolts and washers.

2. Probesport
Probesport Racing Development teams up with Vision One Autosports to bring you the most cost effective solution in braking for your Ford Probe, Mazda MX6 & 626. Use your factory calipers and your choice of pad with our 12" front brakes and 11" rear for much, much less then complete caliper/rotor replacement. Get the look and stopping power of larger rotors without bringing your bank account to a screeching halt. These kits are custom made and sometimes production delays occur, please allow 7-10 days before shipping.

Kit fits 93-97 Probe and MX-6:
• 12.00x1.1 inch fronts (Brembo slotted and zinc plated)
• 11.00 inch rears (slotted and zinc plated)
• Utilizes stock calipers
• Powder coated & CNC machined steel caliper relocation brackets
• Complete install CD with pictures in ALL kits and online access to instructions
• Front and rear kits will fit under stock 16inch Probe and RX-7 (FD) wheels.
• These kits are made to order and may take extra time for delivery.

3. RR-Racing
Front 12" Big Brake Kit Features:
1. Top-quality race level 2 piece 12.0" diameter by 1.0" thick rotors -- That means these are not cheapo cast iron crap. These rotors offer directional cooling vanes, your choice of cross drilling or slotting, and special coating for corrosion resistance.These are much higher quality then the "AEM" 2 piece rotors you can get for other cars.
2. CNC Machined Aluminum Hats -- These ultra precise custom spec CNC machined and anodized hats reduce weight and are bolted to the rotor utilizing 12 aerospace-quality bolts. Aluminum center hats allow for rapid expansion of the rotor under extreme conditions, reducing the chance of rotor "warpage."
3. CNC Machined Aluminum Caliper Brackets -- In order to utilize stock calipers the caliper must be relocated. These brackets are ultra light, very strong, anodized for corrosion protection, and are custom engraved with the "RR-Racing" logo.
4. Can be used with OEM 16" wheels -- That's right, there is no need to buy new wheels, these rotors are designed to work with OEM wheels!
5. SAFETY -- This kit increases brake torque to the front wheels by 20% -- that means that you can now stop with confidence from very high speeds -- you will feel a huge difference in the stopping capability and fade resistance of your brakes.

4. Hye-Dra-Cyl
• 12.2" Rotors (0.81" thick with 32 straight cooling vanes standard)
• 4 Piston Racing Brake Calipers (major manufacturer)
• Braided Stainless Steel Brake Lines
• Brake Pads (for street or Solo II use)
• Mounting Brackets and Hardware
• Installation Instructions

A 13" two-piece rotor with AP racing, 4 piston calipers and hardware.

--------------------(Brake Pads--------------------

1. Hawk Performance
HPS (High Performance Street) – Performance Street
When it comes to performance braking, there is no competition. This unique Ferro-Carbon compound combines the safety and quality of Aerospace design partnered with the braking technology of motorsports. Much improved braking over OE and standard replacement brake pads. Recommended for import & domestic automobiles.

Performance CeramicPerformance Ceramic – Luxury and Touring
Specially formulated ceramic composite developed to meet the ultra-low dust, low noise performance of OE ceramic brake pads. Performance Ceramic pads also feature a fade resistant, linear friction profile that produces improved braking over OE with smooth engagement characteristics. Performance Ceramic – quiet, clean & fast-stopping. Recommended for import & domestic automobiles, luxury SUV’s, sport trucks & vans.

HP PlusHP Plus – Autocross & Track
The HP Plus Ferro-Carbon material can take the heat at the track and get you home safely without having to change your brake pads. This compound was designed for autocross, Solo II, and Track Day applications.
Warning! Due to the dramatic friction levels produced by this product to achieve race level braking; rotor wear, noise, dust and pad life may be affected.

2. Axxis
Axxis Ultimate Brake Pads
Axxis Ultimate brake pads feature a special Kevlar® and ceramic-strengthened formula with a high co-efficient of friction and excellent high temperature wear and fade resistance. Axxis Ultimate brake pads are designed for ultra-high performance driving and hard-braking applications, Axxis Ultimate brake pad users will benefit with extreme stopping power and high resistance to brake fade at high temperatures, meaning the decrease in friction over repeated heavy duty stops, as the temperature increases, is minimal. Axxis Ultimate brake pads boast a maximum continuous working temperature of 550° C (1022° F degrees). Axxis Ultimate brake pads provide consistent braking throughout its operating temperature range, you'll get dependable, predictable stops time after time while maintaining a solid pedal feel.

• Ceramic formulation
• High performance applications
• Excellent high temperature wear
• Extreme fade resistance
• Exceptional performance ability
• Non-asbestos, low metal content

Axxis Metal Master Brake Pads
Grueling testing under high and low speeds, extreme heat, freezing cold and dripping wet conditions confirm the superior performance of Axxis Metal Master brake pads. Axxis Metal Master's exclusive premium brake compounds are tested continuously to insure they meet our exacting requirements. Axxis Metal Master Brake Pads - the best choice for leading European and Japanese touring and sport sedans.

• Designed for applications requiring the highest performance
• Premium quality, non asbestos, semi-metallic formula
• Unique formula offers reduced brake dust, fade and squeal
• Provides the ultimate stopping power under all conditions

Axxis Deluxe Plus Brake Pads
With every component of today's vehicles pushed to the maximum, you need Axxis Deluxe Plus brake pads to deliver the most consistent, efficient, smooth, quiet braking operation. Axxis Deluxe Plus brake pads are designed to control speed by delivering quicker, more consistent stops, while combatting brake dust and squeal. Compared to conventional brake pads and even heavy duty organic brake pads, Axxis Deluxe Plus brake pads last from two to four times longer.

• Formulated from the latest organic materials
• Provides incredibly long life and extreme resistance to heat
• Delivers consistent, smooth braking performance
• Proven reliability with minimal squeal and brake dust
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--------------------(Brake Pads Continued)--------------------

3. KVR
KVR Performance delivers a Semi-Metallic Carbon Fibre disc pad which has been proven to demonstrate superior performance. It's metallurgical formulation exceeds all O.E.M. standards, while still offering a quiet running brake pad with minimal dusting.

4. Porterfield
The new R-11 race pad is an ultra-high friction compound reaching the extremely high level performance needed for top-level professional competition. Low temp friction readings of .62 and rising up to over .72. The broadest working temp range to date 250F - 1800F. R-11 will maintain its high friction during cool portions of the racing circuit, giving you the highest stopping power when you need it. This is an extremely versatile brake compound with its wide temperature range suitable for all types of heavy duty motorsport use. The lowest rotor wear of any competition brake pad. Superior ease of pad modulation, even under very high threshold braking.

R-4 Full Race Compound
Designed specifically for heavy-duty motorsports. The carbon based semi-metallic R-4 materials allow the pad to absorb tremendous amounts of heat and dissipate it at very even rate. Carbon Kevlar material warms up to race temperature quickly, which is quite helpful during restarts, and when track time is limited. When used with cast iron and steel alloy rotors, the R-4 compound requires minimal bed-in period. Throughout the entire heat range, the carbon kevlar material will give extremely consistent modulation and predictably. This is truly the most rotor friendly racing brake pad material ever. Good for road courses, oval track, rally, vintage racing, autocross, club events or professional racing events.

R4-E Endurance Race Compound
A carbon kevlar compound made to last a bit longer than the original R-4 compound. The R4-E compound is designed to endure higher prolonged temperature and still has pad life as long or longer than Porterfield R-4 do. This pad is great for club enduro events and applications where temperatures are at their maximum.

R4-1 Vintage Full Race Compound
Developed using knowledge testing in the vintage racing community. Optimum uses for the R4-1, under conditions where very high friction is needed with minimal warm up time and in applications where there is difficulty in maintaining sufficient heat with conventional race pad compounds. Widely used on vintage GT and formula cars the R4-1 is also gaining popularity in off-road and rally-cross classes. Great modulation, consistent pedal feedback and rotor friendly at all temperatures as with all the other Porterfield Carbon Kevlar compounds.

R4-S High Performance Street and Autocross
For high performance and heavy-duty street conditions. Perfect for prolonged everyday street use while also being capable of tolerating the most severe street use without any fade. Rotor friendly of course. The R4-S friction level will give you an impressive increase in stopping ability with very minimum pedal effort. R4-S compound has the absolute lowest noise and dust levels, far below OEM equipment or any other high performance brake material. Good for autocrossing, some drivers' schools, and rallies. The R4-S compound is available for virtually any vehicle sold in the US. We also offer the R4-S in pad sizes for competition type calipers that are used under street driven conditions.

5. Porterfield
Although a full race material and capable of high temperature use with very good wear life, this new formulation sets a new trend in race type brake pad compounds. The “bite” from cold is superb which is uncommon with race materials (normally requiring warm-up) and makes this a pad which can be safely used on the highway as well as on the race track. This new formulation was used by numerous championship race and rally drivers in 2004 and is truly a milestone in brake pad material development. Nominal friction coefficient 0.6 with zero rotor damage and similar dust to original pads.

Since this material was introduced in late 2003, it has received many positive write ups from performance drivers of faster cars such as the Impreza. You can read some of these write ups and comparisons to other performance materials on and This is a truly impressive fast road pad for repeated heavy braking. It emits far less dust than semi-metallic pads and has been proven to stop a passenger car/sedan/sport compact/hot hatch 13 metres quicker than OEM pads from 100mph/160kph. Features EBC Brake-InTM surface coating which conditions rotor surface and accelerates pad bed-in. Nominal friction coefficient 0.5 with approx. 50% dust reduction compared to other pads.

Designed for premium street driving offering better brake effect at loads and speed. EBC Greenstuff has a high initial brake effect and gives drivers confidence from first application of the brake pedal. There is no such thing as a NO DUST pad. The very nature of how a brake works requires that some dust be generated to avoid rotor vibration (shimmying). The EBC pad creates less dust and dust is more easily washed off than most. All pads create more dust as they are bedding in especially if rotors are worn. Nominal friction coefficient 0.55. For heavier faster cars and vehicles above 200bhp we strongly recommend Redstuff which DOES offer much less dust.

• Fast/Heavy Street Use
• Brake well from cold
• Effective to above 650°C
• Lower dust formula

6. Metal Matrix
STILLEN Metal-Matrix Brake Pads were developed to give a superior alternative to stock friction materials. Metal-Matrix composite brake pads have a higher friction coefficient than original equipment brake pads to grip rotors more aggressively. They also operate more effectively at higher heat ranges to reduce brake fade. The pad composition has no material harder than the rotor itself, thus ensuring long rotor life.
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