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2nd Gen (93-97) V6 2.5L Performance Discussion of Performance topics for V6 2.5L

August 12th, 2014, 01:03 PM   #201
: Aug 2014
: 14
This is very helpful I've been putting a lot of thought into maybe buying a ze but idk if I'm going to go that way or just build my de. I will be posting about this matter for more advice on the klze vs klde thread.
September 30th, 2015, 09:12 PM   #202
: Jan 2014
: 208
And can we all pretty much agree on this as far as the 2.5 KL engines coming from Japan?

JDM KL-ZE - Straight Neck, KL31 heads, KL31 Cams, 10:1 C/R, KL31 TB ~ 199hp
JDM KL-ZE - Curved Neck, KL31 Heads, KL01 Cams, 10:1 C/R, KL68 TB ~ 190hp
JDM KL-DE - Curved Neck, KL01 Heads, KL01 Cams, 10:1 C/R, KL68 TB ~ 182hp

I am basing my 182 hp rating of the JDM DE off of my own calculations and feedback that others have given me. What I really wish is for some bastard to do a baseline run on a stock probe with a JDM DE and no bolts-ons, with a dead-on ECU and give us a power rating, but I'm 95% sure we're in the 2-3hp ballpark of the HP rating for this engine that so many seem to have gotten as of late. I'll tell you what though, I don't mind if they make a little less power, they're ballsy in the mid-range and have you seen some of the curve necks shipped out in recent years? Almost every single one is cleaner than shit. I like the piece of mind of a clean engine over missing out on 15-17 hp of a "true" ZE.

Also FWIW, there are 2 different curved neck Intake Manifolds, IIRC only difference between the two is a slight casting ridge along the top of the plenum. The one with the ridge is (from what I've seen) only on KL31 headed curve necks. The one without is either from a JDM KL-DE or a U.S. Millenia, both with KL01 heads. Someone correct me on this if they've seen different.


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