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May 13th, 2002, 03:54 AM   #1
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PART III - How to install power locks, trunk release,and remote start

Thanks to mgleason007 you guys now have a full guid to installing your own power door locks and remote starters Thanks Guy!


Part 3-Install remote starter/keyless entry

This is fairly straightforward (famous last words). Don't plug the wiring into the brain until you have made all of the connections. Connect the lock and unlock leads from the crimestopper brain to the inputs on the power locks brain. If you have the factory power locks, use this diagram to wire your remote starter brain to the factory locks. You will need to use a relay for the trunk output. Put +12 V constant to terminal 30 and terminal 85. Connect terminal 87 to the wire from the trunk solenoid. Connect terminal 86 to the trunk lead from the crimestopper unit. These are really the only "tricks". Use this wiring chart and the manual from the remote start unit to hook up everything else:

Ignition-Black with pink stripe in the ignition harness

Accessory-Blue with yellow stripe in the ignition harness

Starter-Black with yellow stripe in the ignition harness

Parking Lights-Orange with silver spots in the gray plug in the interior fuse box

Brake-White with green stripe in the switch above the brake pedal

Horn-Green with orange stripe in the steering column.

If you want to use the tach instead of going tachless, like I did, you need a tach input source. I used the one from the distributor. There's a 3 wire harness attached to it, and you want to tap into the middle wire for your tach source. You would need a wire going through the firewall to achieve this. There's a rubber grommet above the gas pedal in the firewall. Pull it out, and tada, you have a hole in your firewall to feed the wire through.

Once all of these connections have been made, plug the harness(es) into the brain. At this point, you need to be following the manufacturers instructions. Generally though, you now need to program the remotes, set the options how you want them (if any), and make sure everything works. If you have the unit I recommended at the top, I did run into a little problem. The first time I tried the remote, the car wouldn't turn off the starter. Turned out I had the main harness plugged into the brain backwards. It worked perfectly once I flipped that sucker around. Everything should now work. Yay! Now you get to put your car back together .

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