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February 7th, 2011, 08:00 PM   #1
Search Impaired
: Feb 2006
: 54
MD small collection Pittsburgh Steelers merchandise

I have a few Pittsburgh Steelers items that I have collected but have no room for after I move. Nothing really special just odds and ends. $70 shipped, Shipping payments through Paypal. PM for pictures.

official Autograph ball, 2 panels are the normal football material and 2 are white for autograph space. 1 of the white panels has facsimile autographs on it and the other is blank.

5' x 3' Flag, needs to be cleaned, its been hanging for awhile

new in package, SB champion mouse pad

SB X Steelers Cowboys shirt pin

Big Ben hologram magnet

2 license tag plates, 1 is new in plastic says #1 FAN and the othe is a superbowl one with the 4 SB's of the 70's at the corners

Helmet coffee mug

Stadium design coffee mug

2 beer glasses with logo

1 glass beer mug with logo

shot glass

beach towel, black and gold with logo

unopened puzzle of cartoon stadium

1995 Steelers media guide

3 terrible towels, 1 original, 1 SB XL and 1 is XLIII

Steelers history book

Steelers armchair football with pockets to hold remote controls

plastic watch and probably a few other small items.

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