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Bulk Buys Save some bucks, buy in Bulk!

September 25th, 2019, 04:58 PM   #1
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Colt Cams shipper

If Probetalk ever comes back to full speed -I am sure there will be a Colt Cams Bulk Buy. Last time I talked to Geoff he said he was willing to do a BB.

So I have designed a shipper for our cams. It is made of four very thick wall tubes all fastened together. This will keep the cams from damaging each other or possibly getting broken/bent during shipping.

I will probably sell them for around $25 each. They will only be for cams with no gears -and so the gears would need to be removed. However -when Geoff does the cams he has to remove the gear anyway. This just makes it much easier and safer to ship them.

I will post some pics as soon as I have trimmed them to size and come up with a good end sealing method.
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