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October 18th, 2004, 09:50 AM   #1
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Unorthodox UDP (underdrive pulley) Install

Writeup courtesy of nolanspawn

Tools Needed

1. Jack Stand
2. 3/8 Socket Wrench
3. 14mm wrench and socket
4. 10mm wrench and socket
5. 13/16 socket
6. 12mm socket

Belts Needed

Alternator & Water Pump
1993-97 Gates K040355

Power Steering & Air Conditioning
1993-97 Gates K050450

Power Steering w/o Air Conditioning
1993-97 Gate K050396


1. Loosen the lug nuts on the front passenger wide wheel.
2. Raise passenger side front of vehicle and secure with a jack/safety stand.
3. Remove passenger side front wheel and remove the splash guard (10mm and phillips screwdriver)
4. Remove accessory belts by loosening the 14mm holddown bolt on the bottom of the alternator (faces driverside) ... then the 12mm holding the tensioner to the adjustment bracket, then back the 12mm adjustment bolt out. (See Picture In Weblink)
5. Next loosen the power steering pump pulley tensioner located at the front of the power steering system (See Picture In Weblink)
Note: Make sure the tensioner bolts are the last loosened, and the first tightened
6. Next loosen the crank pulley bolt by placing 1/2 drive with 13/16 socket on the drive shaft in the loosen position. Then get into car and bump the starter by turning the engine fast enough for the engine to bump but not start. This will loosen the crank pulley bolt with ease instead of having to get a breaker bar to remove the bolt.
7. Now remove the stock crank pulley.

Now you are ready to install the Unorthodox Underdrive Pulley

8. Check the timing cover to make sure the new pulley does not get in the way of it.
9. Install the new pulley; lubricate the inner bore with anti-seize compound and tighten crank pulley bolt hand tight (Do not torque yet) Do not force the pulley onto the crankshaft, because damage will void the warranty.
10. Install accessory belts (K040355 and K050450)
11. Tighten belts w/ the tensioners
12. Once Alt. belt is tightened, tighten the bolts on the alienator pulley.
13. Reinstall remaining components in reverse order.

You man not feel a gain in HP right away as the computer needs to recalibrate because of the engine lighter rotational weight.


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