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January 13th, 2005, 03:11 PM   #1
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: Feb 2004
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How To: Protege FSDE IM on FS02 Motor (Probe/MX6/626)

Hey guy's.... I just thought I would share my experience with installing the FSDE Manifold with VICS from a 01+ Mazda Protege.

Things Needed:
FSDE Intake Manifold with VICS
FSDE Fuel rail
FSDE Injectors
Either FSDE or KL FPR
A couple of new packs of vaccum line(Various sizes)
Pack of various size Vaccum "T's"
Pack of various size rubber vaccum "T" Caps
New Pack of 3/8" Fuel Line
MSD RPM Activated Control Module with Plug in RPM Pills (
Selloniod From the FSDE Manifold
about a foot or 2 of 12Volt 16Guage wire
About 2 feet of New Brake booster vaccum Line
About 2 packs of Small Hose Clamps

1. Ok, first off remove factory manifold,Throttle body,fuel rail, injectors and ALL vaccum lines. Discard of all vaccum lines and all EGR selloniods on the side of the factory manifold. All that rats nest of vaccum lines on top of the factory manifold will be GONE!

2. Now bolt up the FSDE Manifold to the head. it will bolt right on. There should be a vaccum canister on the side of the FSDE Manifold which is connected to the flappers inside the manifold. if there isn't.... you have the wrong manifold. After you have the manifold bolted up to the head, you can start on the fuel rail, injectors and new return line. If the new FPR is not already bolted to the FSDE Fuel rail... first do that. You will notice that the New Fuel rail is different from the FS02 Fuel rail. The Inlet is on the opposite side and the FPR is on the opposite side.

January 13th, 2005, 03:13 PM   #2
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: Feb 2004
: PA
: 2,666
3. Put the FSDE Injectors into the FSDE Fuel rail. make sure to lubricate the "O" rings on the Injectors to prevent them from ripping or twisting during installation. Put them in with a light twisting motion. do not attempt to jam them in... take it easy. If the O-rings get damaged.. the injectors will leak all over the place.

4. Next, Bolt the fuel rail to the manifold with the injectors in the rail. Stand back and look at it now. You will notice that you have plenty of fuel line for the "IN" side of the rail, but the fuel return line will not reach the FPR now because it is on the opposite side of the rail compared to the FS02 rail. This is where the new fuel line comes into play.

5.Run new 3/8" fuel from from the FPR to the steel fuel return line. Cut off any excess line and connect to the regulator with another hose clamp. Make sure all Clamps are tight!! At this point you can also attach the "Fuel IN" line to the 'IN" on the New fuel rail. This factory line will reach with No problem being as it was long enough to go to the other side of the rail for the Factory inlet.

So after your fuel lines, rail, injectors are all complete and secure... it's on to the Vaccum line portion of the project. At this point you should have NO vaccum lines attached to the manifold... just the fuel rail, injectors, and fuel lines. You will notice that there will be small vaccum nipples all over the manifold. the only one that will NOT be used is the one Right next to where the TB attaches to the Manifold.... on the TOP side of the manifold.

6. There will be a BIG vaccum nipple on the back side of the manifold, Attach the new brake booster vaccum line to this and run to the brake booster as the old one will not be long enough anymore. Secure both ends with new hose Clamps.

7. Now, take a piece smaller vaccum that you bought and hook one end up to the FPR and run to the closest Nipple on the manifold. The vaccum line should slide on both the FPR and the manifold nipple tightly, if not... but smaller line.

8. There will be another nipple on the manifold that will need to have a vaccum line hooked up to it that runs to the "IN" on the selloniod(which is the top) that should be bolted to a bracket on top of the manifold. Take anoher piece of vaccum line and run from the out on the selloniod to the vaccum canister on the side of the manifold. This is the selloniod and canister that control the VICS.

9. Next is to wire up the MSD RPM Activation control Module. there should be a sticky back on the underside of the Module. I simply peeled off the cover and stuck it to the top of my MAF. Fit on there pefect and was easily accessable. Simply follow the wiring instructions that come with it and wire up the to selloniod wires to it. Plug in whatever RPM "Pill" you want the VICS to open at. I used a 4700 RPM Pill in mine. Seemed to work pretty nice.

10. You will notice that the FSDE Intake manifold uses a different location for the EGR Pipe from the exhuast manifold than the FS02 does. NOTHING as far as EGR will line up nor work. So with this manifold you have NO EGR. All I did was take the tube off the header/exhaust manifold and cut the nut off the end of the tube that screwed onto the header. Then I went in my garage and found a nice size bolt to slide in the hole on the header where the EGR tube used to be.(MAKE SURE the head of the bolt you use is big enough not to fall into the hole on the header!!) Then simply take the old Nut from the EGR tube and screw it back on the header over top of the Bolt you slid in the hole. It shouldn't leak... Mine didn't. There is one hole however you DO have to plug upwhere the Protege EGR selloniod used to be.

Make sure everything is secured, start it up.. make sure there is no vaccum leaks or Fuel leaks. take it for a drive and feel the VICS Kick in!



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