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PMO / PRO Precision Motorsports/Racing Online

July 14th, 2005, 10:27 AM   #1
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Exclamation To all of you with outstanding PMO orders:

PT does stand behind its users. do not confuse the action of closing the thread for not following the conditions set for with your own actions of trying to coordinate recovery efforts from PMO/PRO.

the threads regarding CZT, RAWPOWER, PMO/PRO are closed not because we do not support any recovery efforts made by the users who were defrauded of their money, but because we wish to prevent unnecessary comments from people who had nothing to do with those responsible for the fraud.

it is apparent that many do not understand this issue and feel that we are somehow responsible for what these people/businesses do, but we are not. the only thing we have done was provide them with an avenue to present their products and/or services.

we state very clearly in our FAQ about 'buyer beware'. it is the potential customer's responsibility to investigate the vendors credibility and whether or not they wish to do business with them. we see far too many complaint threads because people do not do their proper research before investing their hard-earned monies by purchasing products from vendors or individuals. that should stop because YOU are the last line of responsibility.

do not post another thread about this issue.

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