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New Vendor Announcements This forum is for new PT Vendors to introduce themselves to the members. Any questions or comments should be made in their specific forum.

September 10th, 2005, 01:23 AM   #1
"The Brain"
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: Apr 2002
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Lightbulb Tein - New product speculations

I have been told by sources inside the company that if the sales of the Super Street DAMPER Kit with Pillow Ball Upper Mount are strong then, other products will be developed for the US market. Possibly, the TYPE FLEX system and with fantastic sales of those perhaps, even more advanced systems that TEIN makes for other vehicles. Please, our fate is in our hands (or shall I say, our wallets). We have been giving a huge opportunity here. Let’s make the most of it.

Currently, I am trying to convince the people at TEIN USA to invest in the manufacturing a set of Front & Rear Strut Tower Bars for our application. Why, you ask? There are so many that make these for us (including some in our own community). Well, if you choose to purchase the E.D.F.C. unit you will find that some of the most popular strut tower bars will NOT fit properly or at all. This is due to the unit having to mount on top of the already protruding adjustment knob. If you view the type of Bars that TEIN does design for other applications, then I think that you’ll agree that this would be a good addition to the Probe community. No promises at all about weather this will materialize at this point yet, but we’ll see.

Again, we could help ourselves here with this. By responding here in this post that you would be willing to purchasing an E.D.F.C. unit and thus could use a properly designed set of Strut Tower Bars to accompany your new TEIN products, you would be sending a message to TEIN that we are a viable market worth supporting. In addition, anyone who would just want them for just their performance and/or looks, please say so here, too.

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