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October 4th, 2015, 01:03 PM   #1
: Apr 2015
: 24
stubborn hatchback leak

My tail lights were dead, I checked it and the light harness was all rusted fusing the bulbs into the sockets. After further inspection I found there was a gap around the lights where you'd expect a seal. Not knowing what kind of seal is needed I simply sealed it all around with rtv gasket maker. It looks to have sealed good to the eyes but after dumping water on the back and checking inside, there was water leaking in still, dripping onto and around the sockets. I'll keep looking for this mysterious leak, but does anyone have tips or experience with this issue and could shine some light on how to fix it ? Thanks

I found the problem. It was actually damage to the body, a crack that the previous owner filled with bondo, the bondo was coming loose and allowing water in. It's not a problem anymore.


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