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November 29th, 2019, 11:35 PM   #1
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: Nov 2002
: Malibu or Tehachapi Ca
: 142
Selling my 97 GT - Project

So, I think it is time to let this go to someone who has the ability to get the car done. It has been parked, Non-op for a while now, at least 5 years. It kept having small issues, and it was my daily driver and I didn't want it to get destroyed little by little. If memory serves, the head gaskets were leaking, it probably even has *new gaskets in the back seat... although I doubt they are in any condition to be used now...

Car has 185,853 miles. Has cold air intake, although part of it is disconnected and using part of a stock intake to cover up the custom headers so it could pass the visual smog inspection...
This car was used to test fit headers, they took the car for a few weeks, customized a set of their headers so they could make them for others to sell since the 97's were slightly different from the earlier years. It was actually through HotShot, and I found the offer on the forums back in like 2003/4.
I was more than halfway through changing the interior to black. Has the carpet and the roof changed, as well as all the panels. Didn't have the seats, but has some fabric in the back I was going to use to re-upholster. The back seat is pulled apart already.
It had clear corners, but the driver side was hit by a shovel on the freeway... that was a crappy day.

Anyway, I know I won't get much for it at all at this point, but I really want it to go to someone who appreciates the car. I really love this car and hate to let it go at all, but the time has come

Hit me up - 310-266-3364. You can text me. Name is Vinny. Email:

I have pictures on the facebook group page.
97 PGT, MTX, laser red, chrome swirlies, HS CAI, Black interior 90% finished... Proto HS Headers 96/97, freedom design front strut tower bar, JVC El Kameleon...


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