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Bulk Buy Forum POLICY and FAQs. Read before you Post!

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  • Bulk Buy Forum POLICY and FAQs. Read before you Post!

    Rule Number 1.

    Rule Number 2. (everything else )
    After an influx recently of both emails to the Admin account and posted messages, the staff would like to clarify the purpose and direction the Bulk Buy forum takes.

    Q: I am starting a business providing (stickers/parts/paint/etc), can I use the bulk buy forum to let people know about my excellent prices, after all, I'm just trying to help out the Probers?!

    A: No. The Bulk Buy forum is designed for specific users to sell specific ITEMS...not services. If you have a chance to provide a mass of products at a special price, such as your local performance shop will give you PowerSlot rotors for $3 above cost or you know someone who will give you x product for y price of you have z participants, then use this forum. If you are selling products from your own personal shop from which you will profit, then inquire about purchasing banner space. The current rates are available on a case-by-case basis, depending on how often it shows, etc. If we see that a member is contracted (be it via employment or sponsorship) selling items in order to profit they will be considered a "business", and further posts will be deleted, and/or your access to the forum will be removed.

    Q: I want permission to post my business related ads in this forum, how do i obtain that? I have permission, so why are my ads being closed by the moderators?

    A: Starting right now NO ONE has permission to post any business related items in ANY forum on probetalk. We will have a new advertising section up in the future that will explain prices (some which will be very reasonable) and how to go about buying advertising from

    Q: I sent money to a user running a bulk buy, and never received the parts/they will not respond to me/shipping is taking longer than expected/materials are damaged/materials do not fit! What do I do?

    A: In short, you are screwed. I would guesstimate that 80% of internet fraud cases go unsolved or unresolved. It's the nature of the beast. There are, however, things you can do to keep the chance of you becoming a fraud victim to a minimum. These include:
    • If the deal sounds too good to be true, 99% chance that it IS. Its better to miss out on a GOOD deal, than take a chance with your hard earned money and lose.
    • Know the person you are buying from, and the shop/resouce from which they are acquiring their product Within this format of commerce, it can be difficult to really get an idea of the caliber of individual you are dealing with. Ask the person for email addresses of those with whom he/she has does business in the past. Click on the "profile" of the user. If it is one of those bare-bones profiles, with little/no information, this person MAY have something to hide. Not a positive indicator, but one consideration of many. Ask other users about the individual. Private Message some of those who may have also replied about an item, see if they know anything about the seller. Search the board for the person's user name. If most/all of his posts are in the For Sale and Kills forums, that would tend to be a "strike against" the user. Generally, people who participate in the board regularly are less likely to default on shipping a product, etc. And if they DO take your money and run, the chance is greater that someone local lives close to them, or has had interaction with them which may allow you to track down where they went. Above all, remember its YOUR money. Money in hand is worth far more than "parts in the mail".
    • Other sources of obtaining help: There may be laws in your state, or agencies designed to assist you in internet fraud cases. Contact your State Attorney General for more information.

    Sending email to the Admin account is a waste of time. We DO feel badly for those who have lost money, however we remind you that use of the Bulk Buy forum, and any business conducted is solely the responsibility of the parties involved. Much like you wouldn't hold a Newspaper accountable if you sent money for a product in their classified ad's section, and the product never came.

    We really love to see the use this forum gets, and are very happy to see the many, many satisfied transactions which take place. We encourage proper use of the forum, and welcome your thoughts and feedback, appropriately presented of course.

    If you have ANY questions on what is allowed to be posted, Private Message or email the staff before you post.

    Thanks for your time...

    On behalf of the entire Staff,

    Chris - Probe 2C
    Customer Service
    -Chris C.
    Cadillac ATS 3.6L AWD

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    Please email or PM me, or any other moderator of this forum, when a BB is completed or cancelled and INCLUDE a LINK to the post.

    When looking to start a Bulk Buy on, please follow these simple instructions:

    • Decide what item you want to run a bulk buy on.
    • Contact several suppliers and vendors to see who can give you the best deals.
    • After deciding on which supplier to go with, make sure to get all the information you can. Call them back and get thier business address, telephone number and confirm that they will honour the bulk buy.
    • When this has been completed, then you may approach the Administration with this information and we can start the approval process.

    • Include specifics such as what year / model the products are good for.
    • Be sure to include your e-mail address
    • Bulk buys are open no longer than 30 days. These won't drag out for weeks or months. Tell everyone that they have a specific amount of time to pay for the products.

    • Keep everyone updated. This is CRUCIAL as some customers are meticulous about knowing orders status.
    • Check the thread as often as possible to answer any questions.
    • Be sure to have the supplier's info ready to give to anyone participating in this BB in case of any problems.
    • Do NOT share personal information of one participant with another.

    • Make sure you want the product and can actually afford it.
    • Get all the info and ask questions before you commit to a BB.
    • Do NOT give your personal information in the thread. send it to the BB organizer in a PM or e-mail
    • Be patient. Some suppliers can take several weeks to get products shipped. Also, the BB organizer may be handling a large amount of orders. Give them some slack.

    I hope this covers most of the recent issues. Any details not covered in this announcement should be discussed with me or a BB organizer.


    Wilson - OKProber
    Rick - Rick_96PGT
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      Due to some recent trends and some collective thinking on the part of staff, there is a slight change to the policy regarding companies (members who work at import shops/etc) proposing to run bulk buys. Upon approval, companies will be allowed to run bulk buys at the rate of $50/bulk buy. Authorized Vendors are not subject to this charge as they have paid for banner space. This is an effort to bring more bulk buys to this site as well as encourage more companies to purchase advertising space. This change to policy will be effective starting 5/20/2003.

      This was proposed after a recent influx of proposed bulk buys by members who were employed and/or owned businesses. Obviously these people are able to offer better prices than a normal user is able to get terms on. Should this become a problem, or should it become overly used/abused, this will be stopped.

      Again, we would greatly encourage the purchase of banner space, however by paying a 'per bulk buy' fee (upon approval) you are able to run a bulk buy.

      Normal members are still able to run bulk buys at no charge. Users who are affiliated with a company and do not disclose this information at the start of a bulk buy will either be back-charged the amount owed, or their access to the forum will be disabled.

      Also, bulk buys will remain open for a period not longer than 30 calendar days from the date of first approval. After the conclusion of the 30-day period, the thread will remain open so that people can receive any updated information pertaining to their merchandise. After the last person receives their order, the thread will be closed. There should not be any perpetual bulk buys or group purchases.


      Lastly, obtain approval BEFORE posting ANY 'feelers' or 'interest' threads.

      Thank you for your time and again, any questions or comments please contact the
      -Chris C.
      Cadillac ATS 3.6L AWD



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