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CNC intake manifold flanges

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  • CNC intake manifold flanges

    Approved by dmark101

    Bulk Buy Item(s):
    CNC intake manifold flanges

    Bulk Buy cost per item:
    $90 per set. $40 deposit required

    Bulk Buy Item Quantity Available:
    MINIMUM of 10 sets.

    Special information:
    There will be a minimum of 3 weeks turn around time, These are available in ZE flanges as well as DE flanges. each set counts towards the required 10, whether it be ZE or DE.

    Material is 6061 aluminum, 1/2" thick. does not include gaskets or hardware.

    Name of Seller: Timothy Shaffer
    PT screen Name: polarexpress17
    E-Mail address:
    Phone Number: (570)238-5182
    Address: 304 W Railroad St, Trevorton PA 17881

    Payment information:
    Payment method accepted is paypal. There will be a $40 up front deposit to cover costs of materials, The remainder is due exactly one month from the time i order materials.
    Deposits will be accepted immediately, and if we don't meet the required 10 buyers, will be refunded. If you send a deposit on a set of flanges, and do not have the full payment in by the date it is required (to be determined) you will forfeit your flanges and your deposit.

    Payment Options:
    Paypal -

    DO NOT!! send the payments as a gift. I had a paypal acct closed for accepting them.

    Shipping Instructions:
    Shipping will be USPS medium flat rate, plus an additional $5 for packaging supplies. Shipping is due when the remaining balance is paid.

    Company Hosting the Bulk Buy:
    TSD Fabrication

    Company Contact Information:

    Full and VALID mailing address must be given at time of deposit.
    Full payments will be required exactly one month from the date I order materials. This date will be announced when we reach 15 buyers.
    While i understand the anxiousness you will have, PLEASE do not contact me about status updates, they will be posted as soon as they are available. I try to respond to everybody as soon as i get their messages but the more i have to reply to the less time i have to get things done

    Rest assured, you have nothing to worry about. I am attempting to breathe some life back into the community that has pretty much made what i am doing possible, had i not ever joined this community i most likely wouldn't be a fabricator. I am also trying to start a business so the last thing in the world that i would do is abandon my customers.

    Reviews from the previous bulk buys have been excellent, 100% satisfaction.

    Any questions just post in this thread. If it is a "personal" question send me a PM on here.

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    95 mx6 with a 4 lug swap
    Built, Not Bought.
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      Tempted to buy in for a pair of each just because and to help the BB along.

      Count me in for one set at least, not sure if ill go square or round.
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        count me in
        Bench racing gone wild
        "I have seen" - check
        "I have heard" - check
        "I have done" - nope


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          Can i get a set of DE ones with ZE ported on the other side for port matching??
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            I will find out about the transition on them, keep in mind these are not phenolic spacers.
            95 mx6 with a 4 lug swap
            Built, Not Bought.
            No, my username is Not from that stupid movie.


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              Right now we can't do the corner transitions
              95 mx6 with a 4 lug swap
              Built, Not Bought.
              No, my username is Not from that stupid movie.


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                Damn - 90$ per set is extremely cheap. I just had a set made and mine cost me $120. How are you even making any profit?
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                  I'm not, this is my cost for them from my machinist, I only do KL parts on a per order basis
                  95 mx6 with a 4 lug swap
                  Built, Not Bought.
                  No, my username is Not from that stupid movie.


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                    interested, don't visit here too often lately, so just saw it. So if it's still open, I'm interested



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