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Megasquirt Bulk Buy #6

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  • Megasquirt Bulk Buy #6

    Welcome to the official 6th Megasquirt Bulk Buy on Probetalk. There have been some minor changes to the format of the bulk buy, so please pay attention and make sure to read everything to save you self some time and hassle in the end.

    For those who don’t know Megasquirt in its most BASIC form is a standalone fuel computer that grants users full control over the fuel curves and allows use of different injectors for boosted people. With modification, the Megasquirt unit can be converted from a basic fuel computer into a complete standalone engine management system that rival most existing high priced units out there.


    Dead distributor? Dying igniters? Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for a stock replacement or hacking apart the distributor to go with MSD, consider Coil Packs! Coil pack ignition allows for ample dwell time between each spark even at high engine speeds. Traditional distributed spark ignition systems have 1 coil that provides spark for all 6 cylinders. The drawback here is that at high rpm the coil doesn’t have enough time between each adjacent spark to fully charge, thus causing a reduction in spark voltage and engine power. This can cause spark to blow out at higher rpm, especially with modified engines that are turbocharged or run nitrous. A coil pack ignition system has three coils, meaning each coil does 1/3rd the work and has 3x the time to charge between each spark. This type of an ignition system is capable of developing the same high power spark at all engine rpm’s even with a larger more efficient spark plug gap. These things combined will also help you develop better engine response through the rpm range and higher efficiency as well, with proper tuning this will lead not only to better performance, but better fuel economy as well.

    The Goods!!!

    All of the units will be capable of driving high impedance injectors (like modded Nissans, Millenia S, etc) and controlling timing directly. The basic operating functions will still fall to the stock computer. This includes Idle control, EGR, purge, a/c, etc. Base tunes will be included for a variety of setups (KLZE, Turbo, Supercharged, etc) that will get you up and driving around with your newfound power, but still on the safe side.

    This does NOT mean as soon as you get it running you go out to the races or the track. User error on this part could lead to a broken motor, so be careful and go slowly. Access to a dyno, wideband, and experience tuner is highly recommended. I do travel to offer tuning and install services, but it is VERY expensive so I try to offer as much possible help here on PT and via E-mail. Any discussion of my travel will remain in PM. If you post about it, it will be removed from the thread.

    ECONOMY UNIT: $285

    This Megasquirt will be powered by a version 2.2 PCB and will not carry all of the extra features that the v3 boards have, but in many cases, a V3 boards extra features are not necessary for everybody. In order to use this, your car will REQUIRE the use of a 92-94 distributor. If you have a 95+ KL, you can still go this route, but you will need to purchase an older model distributor and move around 3 wires for it to work properly.

    This unit will come prepackaged with:

    Two VRIS outputs
    Fans Control
    Launch Control/Flat Shift

    You will be required to set the ignition timing with a timing light, as it is based of the cam sensor in the distributor.


    You will get a fully assembled Megasquirt unit that is compatible with 1993-1997 Ford Probe GT/MX-6 LS, that DOES NOT require any modifications to the engine. Other than wiring the unit (Connector will be included), no other modifications will be necessary to have fully laptop programmable fuel and ignition control. The unit will be able to control any size and type injectors (you are no longer held to the high impedance injector requirement) and the unit will control any year KL v6 engine with its original distributor. Ancillary functions such as evap. emissions control, air conditioning and purge will be left to the stock ECU.

    In addition to all the additional features of the v3 board, you will receive the following with the standard unit:

    Two VRIS Outputs
    Fan Control
    Launch/Flatshift or Switchable Tables (nitrous use).

    If you wish to use switchable tables, please specify that in your order, otherwise launch control will be there by default.

    If you would like BOTH Switchable Tables and Launch Control, add an additional $25 and note it in your order.

    The V3 Unit will automatically set base ignition timing, so adjusting the distributor will never be a requirement. The v3 also allows for future upgrading, low impedance injectors, coilpack capability, built in VR Decoder (our crankshaft sensor), and increase fault tolerance from over voltage situations.

    DELUXE UNIT: $550

    This includes EVERYTHING in the standard unit PLUS the ability to run a coil pack ignition system…also known as DIS. Do NOT confuse this with EDIS. EDIS is a self contained system that does indeed use coil packs, but you will not have the ability to cut spark for any launch control or flat shift purpose. If you don’t know, cutting fuel in a batch fire injection system is dangerous and should only be a last resort. In order to use coil packs, you will be required to keep the base of the distributor because it houses a necessary cam sensor.

    Very specific coil pack wiring/install instructions will be included. You can use stock plug wires provided you mount the packs close enough to the engine.

    Here is a picture of the coil packs installed in Mazguy’s old engine bay:
    Pic 1
    Pic 2
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    Remember, each of these units do NOT come with a wiring harness. They will come with the DB37 connector and hood. If you do not want to solder it together yourself, please purchase the harness below. If you buy a harness elsewhere, I cannot be sure as to what pin-outs they are using and you will possibly lose some functionality of your Megasquirt unit.

    $50 – Assembled wiring harness: Custom made, color coded, and labeled pigtail wiring harness.
    $10 – Black Anodized Case

    Ordering & Shipping

    If you are interested in participating in this BB, please email your order to: You must include the following information in your email or your order will NOT be processed. Do NOT PM me this information as it has a high chance of getting lost.



    At the end of your email, please include a description of your car and its current modifications in order to make sure the preloaded map will best suit your needs.

    All correspondence can be done through the email address: After I receive your order, I will respond with payment instructions for your deposit and final payment. Do not send any money without a confirmation from me.

    Turn around time will be approximately eight weeks (depending on options and demand) and the shipping cost is a flat $20 via USPS Priority Mail Insured to orders within the United States. If you are international shipping to Canada is $30 via Priority International. Other countries, please e-mail me for specific quote.

    If you are sending $ via paypal, I WILL ONLY SHIP TO THE CONFIRMED ADDRESS!!! I was defrauded of $X,XXX by an old PT member in the last bulk buy and I will not take any chances. If that is an issue for you, then you may send a money order instead. Please be advised that no parts will be ordered until the money order has cleared the bank and if you are sending from out of country that can take as much as TWO weeks.

    All orders will require a $200 deposit before it will be processed the remaining balance will be due upon completion.

    If paying via Paypal, you must add the 3% fee they charge or your order will not be processed. If you wish to send a money order, please indicate that in your e-mail for instructions. There also seems to be a lot of customers in Canada, make sure to send your funds in USD or they will charge you another 2.5% sorry guys (and or girls). I will not accept a money order from Canada unless it is already in USD funds.

    Deposits are NOT refundable. Final payment is expected within 2 weeks of being notified your unit is complete. Failure to pay within the 2 week period of time will result in forfeiture of your position in line, as all orders are filled in the order they are placed.

    Additional parts required
    In addition to the Megasquirt unit, unless you leave your VAF (why??) in place you will need to purchase an IAT sensor (intake air temp) from a local auto parts store. Part numbers can be found here:

    Prices are only about $10-$20 for the sensor and its harness

    You will also need to purchase about 8feet of vacuum hose to run from a port on the intake manifold to the map sensor connection on the Megasquirt unit.

    I am in no way liable for any damage or laws you may break while using/installing a Megasquirt unit. You choose to do so under your own risk and accept all responsibility for your actions

    No warranty is currently expressed or implied with the purchase your MS. I test EACH one before it's shipped. In the event you have a problem, I will (and always have) do my best to help you out (time permitting). If something on the board fails we'll fix it for you if it is a failure of part not caused by the install. If you don't follow the install instructions properly or do your own modifications resulting in damage (like burnt traces, fried transistors, etc) we will repair it for a fee if possible.
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      What is the very last day you can get in on this?
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        2 questions. If you add the coil pack option do you HAVE to run coil packs right away or is it something you can add onto the car later on and continue running with the stock disty for awhile?

        Also we have a choice between launch control/flatshift or switchable tables for nitrous. Can we get both? I'm not sure if i'll ever get nitrous but I'd like to have the option. I also want to have the launch control/flatshift, but if you can't do both that's fine.

        edit-down payment sent
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          just to clear it going to order like now.. but canada obv and pay pal.. so i do u just pay 200.00 usd flat now, and thats it.. well i guess ill pay the 200.00 plus the 3% of the 200.. so 206.00 right now.. and then the remainder later?

          edit: Ordered! cant wait!
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            Bulk buys run 30 days per PT rules.

            Jon PGT93
            You do not have to run coil packs right away, you can run on the stock distributor, just be sure to disconnect (aka unplug) the coil to the distributor when you switch over. I can add both nitrous and switchable tables, just make a note of it and add $25 to the total cost. I'll edit the above post to reflect that, thanks for asking!


            You are correct, your deposit is going to be $206.00 USD. I'll send you the confirmation e-mail when I get home. I don't like to do it via webmail because it's much harder to keep track of things.
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              email sent

              I do have a quick question, is there a noticeable power gain when you lose the VAF?
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                It's going to depend on your modifications. With boost, yes, with spray, yes, with a ZE and all the bolt-ons, yet. On a mildly bolted KL, no.

                As a bonus, the sound of the reverb from the intake is awesome with no VAF
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                  In my email i didnt include that i wanted the Wiring harness as well

                  Sensei blue PGT Turbo'd


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                    all e-mails replied to.

                    please note the added comment in the shipping section regarding paypal and confirmed addresses.
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                      is this BB for 2nd gens only?


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                        I can build one for a F2T with a GL disty if you want (you just have to lock the advance) and find the wiring diagrams on

                        I'm not building the ones for the F2T disty because I'm not dealing with the 2nd VR sensor/dual trigger circuit if I don't have to.
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                          this is a bad time for bulk buys with cmas lol but even if its 20 days down the road and i gather money i can still get in on this thing right?? i just got a new job and if it works out i wanna be in on this
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                            make it an xmas gift from somebody else then to you
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                              Hey Shaodome, the shipping address I use isn't a confirmed address. I use my office address is there any way this will work?
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