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can i beat beat this car???

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  • can i beat beat this car???

    A kid at my school wants to race me in his Mustang(6cyl.) with 2 flowmasters(dual exhaust) and a K&N air filter, the thing is he will only race me for money. I dont want to race him for money if i am gonna lose, can i beat this car???

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    Well what year is the mustang? If it's the one with 150 or so horsepower you should beat it no problem, but if it's the newer kind with 190 then it might be an even match. Are you automatic or manual? The two mods listed in your sig aren't going to help you much either. If you have an automatic search for the IAT mod, if you have manual, practice your 5-speed skills. Might also look into the homemade CAI, cheap mod for better benefits than just the k&n filter


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      i have since updated my sig, i sold my chip, and put in a custom cat-back with a magnaflow muffler. It is a mustang that came stock w/ 145hp.


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        your sig still doesnt say whether your car is an automatic or a manual.... that's going to be all the difference in this race.

        I'm so sick of moving/closing these 'can i beat this car?' posts that I"m not even going to bother anymore...
        1993 Ford Probe GT - KLDE + N2O
        228 whp 241 wtq - 2340 lb race weight
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          sry again, it is a manual


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            good kill