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HowTo - FogLights with no OEM Brackets

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  • HowTo - FogLights with no OEM Brackets

    Hello Everyone, this is my car .

    As you can see my car only has 1 OEM foglight and it's not that good. So I went to autozone and bought some new foglights and decided to make a simple HowTo for all people that are like me.

    Experience: NONE what so ever!
    *I've never done this kind of work before, I'm a noobie here

    1) FogLights: mine are the Pilot PL-2055C -

    ***This is so you guys know how much it costs and where to get them.

    2) Circuit tester -

    3) Electrical tape

    4) Screwdriver

    5) Female Bullet Terminals -

    6) Ruler Set -

    7) Driller

    Ok so let's begin.

    This are all the parts that came with the foglights.

    1) Check the cables, which one is positive and which one is negative. Example: In my car the driver side foglight cables where like this:

    and the passenger side foglight cables where like this:

    Took the passenger side OEM foglight out:

    2) Unplug the Negative battery cable, then connect the new foglight to the cables just to test that everything works. Connect back the Negative battery cable and test the foglight:


    ***Just so you know, I'm not leaving it like that, like I said just testing the equipment and holding the cables so they don't touch each other.

    3) Now I'm gonna use this to set where I'm gonna put the foglights:

    This is how I ended on one side:

    and the other:

    ***The only reason I used that degree ruler was because I wanted to know if I was properly aiming the lights to a 90 degree. The lines represent each side of the new brackets of the foglights, the two ovals represent where the I'll make the little holes and put the bracket screws. The line at the top represents that I'm properly aiming at a 90 degree look, so lights are properly aim forward and not sideways:

    ***Some more examples:

    4) Made the little holes with my driller and mounted the brackets, then mounted the foglight:


    5) Make the arrangements to set the foglights at least 5 to 10 degrees down so that the lights are properly aimed in the vertical axis:

    ***Some more Pics:

    6) With the Negative battery cable unplug, apply the female bullet terminals to the car cables, after that connect the new foglight to the cables:

    ***Test to make sure everything works properly:

    7) Use the electrical tape to make sure no dust, water, or whatever thing make contact with the cable and that the positive cable doesn't touch the negative cable. After that it's a thing of putting a little bit of more tape on the hole thing and hide the cables behind the bumper.

    YOU'VE LEVEL UP! 1 -> 2

    For my case as the sun was going down:

    I began testing them and here is the finish look:


    I really had fun mounting the new foglights and thinking of whats my next project.

    ***Please leave your comments and ideas and rate my little build,
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    they look pretty good, what kind of headlights are you using?
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      Briefly looked over it, but great job
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        i've seen a few probes that people have done this mod to. good to finally see a write-up for those cars that don't have OEM foglights.

        on a personal note, i've used the pilot foglights mounted in the stock brackets on my 93pgt for years. still look good and only occasionally needs replacing [due to broken lenses].

        oh, and moved to the How To forum.
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        For now, please use to access the message board. I still have some work to do with getting the main page to work with vB and the subdomain.


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          Lookin' good!

          I did a very similar install a couple of years ago. You were much more precise whereas I eyeballed it. These lights look very close to the stock fog lights even without the OEM brackets. (Neither the OEM fog lights nor the OEM brackets were on my car when I got it, but it had some non-working, cheap, round, glued-on replacements instead.)
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            Nice info thanks


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              my stock fogs are really dull and foggy so I might be doing this mod on my nxt day off


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                Sure wish the pictures for this thread were still hosted and available for viewing.
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                  Theres gonna be a LOT of that unfortunately because photobucket got greedy and doesnt allow 3rd party hosting without a paid membership now.
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                    Photobucket was always an issue for me. Still to this day don’t understand why it’s used.
                    Never was able to view any of the links.
                    Supermotors May have a watermark but it’s free and has stored my pics for 20years.

                    Originally posted by WhiteDart View Post
                    Theres gonna be a LOT of that unfortunately because photobucket got greedy and doesnt allow 3rd party hosting without a paid membership now.
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