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Changes to Forum Rules - effective 1 Nov 2010

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  • Changes to Forum Rules - effective 1 Nov 2010

    alright, this has taken a lot of time and even more consideration in deciding how best to impliment these changes, but as of 1 nov 2010, there are some changes being made to a few rules:
    1. first, the picture forums
      • the picture limit in the picture forums is being lifted
      • users are now allowed to post more than 10 pictures per thread
      • please be considerate and show some discretion when you decide to post in excess of 10 - there are still people who don't have super-fast internet connections, so you still have to consider this when posting
      • the picture resolution limit REMAINS 800x600 pixels - THERE IS NO CHANGE TO THIS LIMIT PLANNED IN THE FUTURE
      • moderators can and WILL still have the authority to remove any offending picture[s]
      • moderators retain the authority to close threads if they do not follow general posting guidelines
      • moderators retain the authority to close threads if the pictures do not adhere to the picture resolution limit
    2. second, the general WTB forum in the corner store is being reinstated
      • this will not affect the current WTB threads being handled in the various POC forums
      • this is being done to help everyone on the site search for items more easily
      • this DOES NOT mean that people can become junkyard hustlers looking to bypass the vendor rules
    3. third, there are a couple of changes being made in requirements for posting For Sale threads:
      • the post count required to access the Corner Store is being lowered to 15
      • any parts sellers must now include a picture of the parts they are selling, along with something showing their screen name and alongside the item they're selling
      • anyone who takes an unreasonable amount of time to deliver goods or pay for those goods will be UNCONDITIONALLY BANNED PERMANENTLY.
      • the ONLY way to reverse this is to make good on your commitment and then both seller and buyer contact me to lift the ban.
      • anyone banned and reinstated for failing to deliver/pay for goods will not be allowed back into the Corner Store
      • "resonable time" means not more than 15 days after a deal has been reached, unless the parties involved have made prior arrangements

    i hope these changes will help people express their appreciation for our vehicles, but also help make this site a bit more productive in trying to provide that help to the general user.

    the rules being changed and/or amended were not done so without thinking long and hard about the reasons why they were first implemented. there have been far too many people who've sought to take advantage of PT and the user base it has. even with the rules being enacted, people felt they were too restrictive, without ever taking time to fully understand why we HAD to take action.

    now, things have changed in terms of connectivity, so we have to reflect that change. the picture forums needed this change, but i still want to make it clear that YOU need to exercise your best discretion when it comes to posting pictures on the board. just because we've removed the limit doesn't mean you have license to flood your threads with indescrimenant numbers of pictures. the moderators can and should close ANY thread that abuses this privilege, so take care in how and what you post.

    we haven't had as many scammers as before, so those rules have helped for the better. having a place for feedback is why the iTrader system was installed, however there are still some people who misuse it and use it spitefully. that needs to stop. if you have a question on how to use the iTrader system, please send me a PM.

    the POC forums can still have WTB threads. this will be at the sole discretion of the POC moderators; in fact, you are still ENCOURAGED to post a WTB thread in your local POC forum. it should still be the first and best place to look for local people to get something you need. the general WTB forum saw a lot of abuse, mostly due to junkyard hustlers/lurkers. if you plan on scouring the yards to build up a surplus of parts to sell on the board, don't. you will be spotted and you will have your posting privileges to the Corner Store irrevocably removed, maybe permanently. do NOT misconstrue our reopening of this forum to mean that it's alright for you to break or abuse the forums rules.

    in asking for a picture showing a screen name/message board to be provided alongside whatever parts are being sold is not a new concept on the internet. i've seen it on a few forums and just never got around to adding this requirement on PT until now. i think it's a great idea and it should help curb some of the scams that have resulted in people selling something they don't have or selling the same item to multiple buyers. it should also bolster confidence in buying from people on the board, in addition to helping build their iTrader ratings.

    so, that's it. i hope you all like the changes.
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    Sounds good


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      I think all these changes are in the best interest of keeping PT and the Ford Probe alive many more years to come.
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        Definitely a step in the right direction.
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          Originally posted by UnorthodoxCreat View Post
          I think all these changes are in the best interest of keeping PT and the Ford Probe alive many more years to come.
          x2 On these^^^many more years to come.....


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            Good job Damon & co.
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                thanks! that's some great news!
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                  i can digg it
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                    good change choices! id have been harsher and made only donating($5+)/long term members capable of accessing the corner store. As for sales "reasonable time" i know this does not include vendors but is a limit going to be set on what is acceptable for them too?
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                      Originally posted by stoker100 View Post
                      good change choices! id have been harsher and made only donating($5+)/long term members capable of accessing the corner store. As for sales "reasonable time" i know this does not include vendors but is a limit going to be set on what is acceptable for them too?
                      i like the idea of the vendors being included as well. i like the sound of the changes too. hopefully you wont have to put the restrictions back up again....
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                        This is great news. It makes a noob like me want to stick around.
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                          Originally posted by dmark101
                          * the picture limit in the picture forums is being lifted
                          I placed my highest finish ever in a bicycle race this weekend (2nd), got approved for unemployment = Cades Cove Tennessee vacation, all my Florida teams won this weekend even the Fish, my Giants win the World Series on the road = collecting money on a bet, I get front row seats to shoot Kodachrome 3 miles away from Space Shuttle Discovery's last launch on Wednesday and now this. I have been clamoring for this non-stop since I joined the site in 04'. Damon you mother****er if I ever see you drinks on me.
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                            cool! Thanks DAMON!


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                              Originally posted by Dan [Sac] View Post
                              Good job Damon & co.

                              Thank you for the policy updates. These will help in many ways to keep the platform(s) and this PT community on the road.
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