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  • Originally posted by Nechronius View Post
    Still rocking the Borla. Sounds great. Finally did all of the vacuum hoses with silicone and got the old dog back on the road again. Runs a LOT better now, and only one CEL left to figure out instead of three or four.

    I did a 2nd gear pull for the first Time in ages, we're talking something like 11+ years and 50k+ miles ago. Seriously I hadn't floored it in that long. And my first reaction was, uh, that's it? Huh... Either the car is way out of tune or I'm too used to actually getting acceleration when I floor the Evo. How easily we get spoiled once we get a taste of real power.
    I think that it's more of the second. I commute to work exclusively by motorcycle, so on the few occasions that I drive a car they all seem slow. OK, so the Celica actually is slow, but the Galant VR4 isn't, and I get the same, "huh, is that it?" reaction. Still, love my cars, and some things are too big to carry on the bikes.
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    • Is this thing on?


      • THB alert
        90 Mazda 323 - KLZE, fender-flared, right hand drive, 2350 lb fully loaded sex machine. || Pic Thread ||- SOLD
        93 PGT FRANKENPROBE - 10.24 @ 139.9 mph ||545 whp @ 20 psi || Timeslip || Dyno slip|| Build Thread - GONE
        97 GTS - Rear Wheel Drive KLZE, 6-speed, 3.90 Torsen LSD, 2650 lb, daily driver! - Build Thread - GONE
        90 Ghettocet KLiata - forever WIP


        • Can you talk on the mic?
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          • This thread has so much win.

            PT is what you use the internet fo'.
            Dude. I'm old. Give me a break.


            • Originally posted by Pat_SOPOC View Post
              This thread has so much win.

              PT is what you use the internet fo'.
              Only if you wanna wait for 10 minutes bro
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              • Saw someone driving a Probe GT like my old one today on the interstate.
                I actually remember my old login here...
                Not sure which of those two things is the more impressive

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                • I've spent the last week or so trying to remember my login, Finally got it and still have the probe. It needs a little work, Tires, alternator and battery. Fire it up from time to time and still runs great but who knows what else has gone wrong while it has sat collecting rust over the last couple years. See a first gen GT running around town lately, I want one now
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                  • I still have an official administrator t-shirt.

                    It's a good but tighter than it was back in the day
                    -Chris C.
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                    • well, i'm still here. barely.
                      ProbeTalk is BACK! Once again, it's what you use the Internet for!

                      For now, please use to access the message board. I still have some work to do with getting the main page to work with vB and the subdomain.


                      • Hi, all.
                        Anthony D. Christiano


                        • Hello folks. Just checking in. Thanks for all the information and help!


                          • Hello!!! This is a strange thread of old old people posting.
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                            • Hello!

                              Bitter sweet coming back here, as the HOA is forcing me to get rid of my probe this week.

                              But I had a lot of great memories here as we helped each other figure out things to make our cars run better or save some money on parts!

                              I remember all the responses when I posted some of the first pictures of the 1 wire O2 swap back in the day. Good times!

                              If anyone can use a running & driving 94 probe check out my post in the For Sale section.
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                              • Hello everyone, I haven’t posted on here for 17 years lol. Not sure why I got the notion to sign on, but was fun to see my post introducing myself as a 26 year old. I do miss my old MX6 turbo. Since then I’ve owned about 20 different cars. My current toy is a 98 Camaro Z28 6 speed. My sons are just getting old enough to appreciate fun cars.

                                I will soon be teaching my oldest how to drive a manual trans. He will be one of a select few of his peers who can do it I’m afraid.
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