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    Hey all. I just wanted to stop in and say hey. I have noticed a lot of the forums here haven't been posted on in a while, but I want to see if there are any of the old knowledge based around still.

    I just got a 1994 Probe 2.0 that I have converted to a dirt track car. It has sat for at least 10-15 years in a field. We got it running and had our first race this Friday. I didn't want to do a lot to it till I made sure it was going to make it around the track. Now that I know it's still alive I will be putting some money into it to try and make it more competitive. I finished at the back of the pack on the first trip around but I feel like I can get more out of it. I plan on using the performance forums to find some tested methods to get a little here and there.

    So if anyone is still around, Hey everyone nice to meet ya!!!

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    These forums are not very active, but the old info has fortunately been preserved. There are reasonably busy Facebook groups for the Probe that still get traffic
    Greg Martin
    2009 BMW 328i
    2017 BMW X3
    1990 Probe LX