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  • Noble engine

    For those who missed seeing the Noble's KL like engine...

    this is what it looked like

    It was the red sports car that was driving up and down the hill

    and if you are still confused it looked like this

    and if you still have no clue what I am talking about move on to another post

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    That motor is actually out of a Ford Taurus. I worked on one a few months ago and when i opened the hood I noticed a lot of similarities to the KL.
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      woot, duratec power...looks surprisingly stock, right down to the composite intake and coil-on-plug ignition..


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        Noble M12 GTO, in this case, the 3R, possibly my favorite car ever.
        twin turbo 3.0L Duratech, replacing it's 2.5L Duratech predecessor.

        probably the cheapest supercar you can buy
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          Originally posted by spada
          twin turbo 3.0L Duratech.
          Ben, got any HP or Torque numbers off hand on these.

          But yeah, beautiful car. Steve, Ryan and i were walking through the vendors and came accross this. And were like wtf. especially how similar it is to the kl03.
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            I don't have the exact numbers, but it's around 350 horse, 350 torque.
            i'll search later on.
            k, i just searched, and i was right on..

            holy crap, they talk about the M400 in there too.
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            2014 Fusion SE MTXtreme
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              yeah, that taurus motor is surprisingly strong. the 24v taurus's put out something like 205 horse and have pretty aggressive gearing, if you're not paying attention and they jump you at a light they'll surprise you.

              only problem with them is the plastic manifold, we see them all the time come in with coolant leaks and we know the underside of that manifold cracks. maybe czt could make them a sheet metal intake manifold?



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