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Brake upgrade for the 1G

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  • Brake upgrade for the 1G

    Is there any upgrades for the 1G probe? does anyone know if the 2G probe brakes would fit?

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    These parts will bolt onto the 1st gen front suspension with no modifications to give you 11.8" rotors, larger calipers and larger pads. Use whatever brand of parts, I'm listing Raybestos part numbers because they're sold everywhere.
    • front left and right calipers and mounting brackets from a 2006-2012 Mazda 6, Lincoln MKZ, Ford Fusion or Mercury Milan (Raybestos RC11910C & RC11909C)
    • Front pads for those calipers - EHT1192
    • two front rotors for a 2013-2013 Acura ILX, 05-06 Honda CRV, 06-15 Civic (not sure which engine) - Raybestos 980317
    With these parts, you will not need a spacer for the caliper nor any hubcentric ring for the rotor. I do not know if this will fit behind 16" wheels, I could almost guarantee it wouldn't fit behind a stock 15".
    Greg Martin
    2009 BMW 328i
    2017 BMW X3
    1990 Probe LX