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  • *****Read Before Posting*****

    Forum Rules:

    New Topics, Old Topics and the Search Feature - Try to respond to topics started by others more often than starting topics of your own. Before creating a new thread, search to see if a similar topic already exists. In the majority of instances, you can answer your own question or find the information you are looking for by using the search feature and/or looking in the archives(2.0 Tech|2.0 Perf), as most topics have already been covered. Common and duplicate topics will be closed or removed. Also when searching, do not resurrect old threads unless you have something significant to add. Check the date of the first and last post before replying. When creating a new topic, take the time to post your comment or question in the correct forum. Do not post your thread in multiple forums to get "more exposure," this is called cross-posting and is considered spam. Pick the most appropriate forum and post it there, duplicate threads and posts will be removed.

    Topic Names and Content - New topic titles should be clear and precise. "Need Help", "Problem", "Have a Question" are poor thread titles and will usually be ignored, closed or removed. The content of your post should be detailed, yet concise. When asking for advice or help, include as much pertinent information as possible. Be specific.

    Posting Etiquette - When creating a new thread or replying to an existing one, follow standard grammar and spelling rules. Posts with no punctuation, many spelling errors or slang are not only difficult to read, but also reflect a lack of worth. These types of posts are frowned upon, usually receive very little feedback, and may be closed or removed. Also, avoid the use of all CAPITAL LETTERS, this is considered "shouting", reserve the use of 'caps' and bold/italic print to emphasize certain words or phases to portray your point.

    ‘For Sale’ and ‘Want to Buy’ - All items up for sale need to be posted in the correct forum under the Corner Store section ONLY. For Sale(FS) posts anywhere but in the For Sale forums will be removed. In addition, Want To Buy(WTB) posts are not allowed anywhere on Probetalk, they also will be removed. Please take a moment to read the full Corner Store Rules and Buyer Beware announcement. Also, check with your local Probe Owners Club(POC), some of these sub-forums do allow FS and WTB posts in moderation.

    If you have any questions, PM either myself or ddrop, or any other staff member at any time. You can also reach the staff via the News and Support forum. Welcome to ProbeTalk.
    Matt Hicks
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    "We're all still learning."

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