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97 engine swap gone bad??

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  • 97 engine swap gone bad??

    Hey all, I recently bought a 97 green beauty. From a kid who didn't know what he was doing, he got frustrated and sold it, it was a deal for 400.00 I think, however here's my dilemal's he took a running 94 he said, and dropped it in the 97, and basically that's all he did he bolted it up enough to make it look good, there are sensors un plugged and cut and I have no idea where it all needs to be properly. I could really use a good engine schematic or some good pixs if anyone has any, so I can figure what I need to plug where etc. Also, the disty says it's from a 96 probe, so I don't know if I need to switch the disty or not, if anyone knows that would be awesome. I have no way to reach this kid anymore so, im really relying on all of your imput. Please. And thanks in advance.


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    The 96 disty should work for the 97. As far as the sensors unplugged, put as many of them back as possible and post us pics of the ones that have no home. Most should be easily identified.
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