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Borderline ridiculous weight reduction idea request

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    1993 Silver PGT MTX ~~R.I.P~5/7/14


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      carbon fiber man..

      I have a carbon fiber decklid for my mx6 made a ton of diffrence.. gonna mess around with some doors sooner or later and got the oem cf fenders and a cf hood also.. and its great I am trying to get under 2000k with me in it and I am 250..hey and with that little borla piping rip off all the heat sheilding.. I got that big greddy piping and I am not scared.. still got some me on that one.. also Look for any extra layers of sheetmetal that wont effect the structure of the care and grab a drill adn drill some spot welds out.. I was gonna do the tire well thing too.. but I dont tink it be worth it.. unless you leave it all of all together.. but that would be alot fo drag.. get rid of all the abs sensors/lines thats some wait...some stuff you gotta leave on there..dontr be silly now.. hmmm I met a guy that had cf door skins and half shells on his mx6 cf trunk lid just the outter, front and rear oem bumpers fenders a hood without inner.. and much more.. I am in the process of switching every interior panel to hand made custom carbon fiber stuff... maybe even a dash.. later


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        i work at a glass shop and we have lexan in stock what thickness would you want 1/8" or 1/4" also where are you located im in north east ohio i would hook you with a few sheets at cost

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