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    This is just a quick topic to let people know what engines will fit in their '93-'97 Probe GT, MX-6 LS, and 626 ES. This will not cover the identification of each engine, or the installation information of the engines. Though that information is readily available here on

    These engines will all bolt in, fit, and work without major problems.

    Downgrades from the 2.5 V6 KLDE (the stock engine in the GT, LS and ES)

    The K8DE - this is the 1.8 V6 engine that is OE to the North American Mazda MX-3 GS. A smaller bore copy of the KLDE, it only puts out 130hp and 115ft/lbs.

    The K8ZE - The 1.8 V6 found in the Mazda Cronos, it is a slightly more powerful version of the K8DE at 145hp and 130ft/lbs (I am not 100% sure on these numbers, but I know they are close)

    Replacement engines

    The KLDE - This is the stock 2.5 V6 found in the North American '93 - '97 Probe GT, MX-6 LS, and 626 ES. Its power output is 164hp and 160ft/lbs. If you heard that your car came with any other engine than this, you were lied to (unless the previous owner did an engine swap). If you heard that your stock power output is higher than this, you were lied to. The KLDE is interchangeable throughout the '93 - '97 model years (the DE stuck around after '97, but received many changes in '98, making it a not-so-direct swap).

    Engine upgrades

    The KFZE - The 2.0 V6 found in the Mazda Lantis. While it is technically an "upgrade", at a lower displacement and only 170 hp and 150ft/lbs, it is hardly worth the trouble in swapping in. But if your just looking for a low mileage replacement engine, this may be a good bet, as they go for around $400 online.

    The KLZE - This is really the only true/beneficial engine swap upgrade for our cars. It is a 2.5 V6, found in a few Japan marketed Mazda cars, it boasts 190 - 197hp (dependant of year), and 160ft/lbs. Essentially the same as the stock KLDE, getting it's higher power output thanks to slightly more aggressive cams, higher compression pistons (10.0:1 compared to the DE's 9.2:1), better flowing intake manifold and heads, and a slightly more performance oriented ECU.

    All of these engines look VERY similar to each other, with subtle differences giving away their model designation, so be sure to do your research before purchasing.
    If anyone has any correction (with proof) to the information I have provided, please PM or IM me so I can change it.

    As for other engines not mentioned here, no they will not be a direct swap. No matter what your cousin's girlfriend's sister's roomate's uncle's best friend's father's coworker's mechanic's son says. Though with enough time and money, just about any engine could work, but would still be far from a direct swap.
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