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Best way to reduce raspy exhaust?

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  • Best way to reduce raspy exhaust?

    Hi! I just installed a set of ebay headers, a test pipe and the trubendz stainless steel 2.5" magnaflow exhaust and Ive gotta be honest under heavy load the car sounds like a weed whacker! would replacing the test pipe with a high flow cat fix this issue or maybe adding a resonator? I'd like to hear some firsthand reviews or opinions before i go purchasing anything else. ive heard sound clips of this same exhaust on other cars on youtube that didn't have this issue, just looking for a second opinion. thanks guys!

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    Check out my YouTube channel "sbgt93"

    Ebay headers, resonated test pipe, Trubendz 2.5 exhaust with Magnaflow resonator and muffler.

    I had a test pipe, just a tube in place of the cat and I didn't like it.
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      A resonator usually takes away a lot of rasp. That the word on the street.
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