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List of forcefed cars (super/turbocharger driven)

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  • List of forcefed cars (super/turbocharger driven)

    Can anyone with one or in the process of putting it together put down their turbo as the A/R and any other essential info. Gracias

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    93 PGT, T04E A/R ~0.5 (not sure exactly)
    External wastegate
    DSM 1st gen BOV
    Vortech FMU (12:1 currently)

    Some changes in the wind, see my website for details.

    Former PGT-turbo owner... now 2010 VW Golf TDI


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      GN Stock Turbo (not sure about the specs)
      TurboXS MBC
      TurboXS BOV
      12:1 vortech FMU
      Autometer gauges
      '93 Probe GT - 11.410@127.10mph
      '05 Mustang GT - 13.2@105mph


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        T3Super60 (I am thinking .82 AR..)
        Deltagate w/ 8lb spring
        Paxton 5:1 FMU
        HKS Compressor Surge Valve


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          Mitsubishi ported 16G (standard upgrade turbo for 1st gen talon)
          stock internal wastegate (stock 7-8psi)
          Cartech 12:1 ajustable FMU
          Greddy Type-S BOV
          autometer gauges (A/F, boost, fuel pressure)
          starion intercooler
          Walbro 255 intank pump.


          93 PGT
          92 MX-3 KLZE 2.5L Turbo (RIP)
          93 MX-6 LS (SOLD)

          and my email address is NOT working!


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            Garrett T3/T4 0.63 Turbine A/R
            Tial 35mm WG
            Blitz BOV
            Vortech 12:1 FMU
            Walbro 255
            Custom FMIC
            Custom piping w/ Bosal headers

            Manny Hardeo
            '97 LR Probe GT MTX
            '95 626 LX ATX
            Can a brother just get his turbo?!?

            Manesh H.
            '06 Alpine White BMW 330i 6spd
            Formerly '96 laser red PGT T3/T04E custom turbo


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              Mitsubishi TD05H-16G (standard upgrade turbo for 1st gen talon)
              Stock internal wastegate (stock 7-8psi)
              T-Bird Turbo Coupe intercooler
              '95 Eagle Talon BOV
              12:1 Vortech non-adjustable FMU
              190L/h Walbro pump
              2 pressure switch activated '85 cold-start VW fuel injectors
              MSD 6A ignition (coming soon: DIS ignition)
              2.25" intake piping
              2.5" downpipe
              3" flex, cat, and exhaust



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                heres the old setup
                Garrett T3 .60/.48 with a 15 degree exhaust clip
                95 DSM BOV
                2.5 piping
                2.5 inch downpipe, 3 inch flex pipe back ( just a couple glass packs in between)
                cartech adjustable FMU
                190LPH Walbro
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                  On 2001-04-11 17:07, FRCFD6 wrote:
                  heres the old setup
                  Garrett T3 .60/.48 with a 15 degree exhaust clip
                  95 DSM BOV
                  2.5 piping
                  2.5 inch downpipe, 3 inch flex pipe back ( just a couple glass packs in between)
                  cartech adjustable FMU
                  190LPH Walbro
                  Yep, and I have it now He He He

                  Thanks, Raf
                  But I have the 255 LPH Walbro. It could be over kill, but who know where it might take me.
                  97 PGT
                  T3 Turbo (in the works)
                  RP Stage 4, Modified TB, Borla, Hotshot CAI, PRD Shifter, Phenolic Spacers,
                  Unorthodox Racing Pulley, Sprint Springs.


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                    My turbo project has passed the planning & conception stage, and is now entering the infancy stage. I have not decided on a few components at the moment, so the list may be incomplete. Well here goes:

                    Toyota CT-26 turbo (.67 AR) w/ internal wastegate set at ~6 psi (sourced from an MKIII Supra)
                    Holley 255 lph Fuel Pump
                    Paxton FPR
                    Looking for ~250 cc/min injectors

                    Any advice and/or input is appreciated...

                    1989 Probe GT - Sold
                    1995 Probe GT - Totalled
                    **NOW: 2003.5 Mazdaspeed Protege #2048**
                    Not stock...


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                      1996 2.0L Probe
                      Turbo: T3/T4 ceramic ball bearing turbo
                      T04E 46 trim comprossor
                      T3 .48 A/R Turbin Housing
                      Stage II Turbine Wheel
                      WG: Deltagate
                      Boost Controller: Greddy Profec-B
                      IC Spearco air-to-air Intercooler
                      Fueling: Walbro 190LPH, RC 440cc Injectors,
                      custom calibrated 75mm MAF.

                      Bryan Pendleton | LeMons Racing Blog | BPi Flow Stacks | Facebook Anyone?


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                        i'm allmost turbo'd but that doesn't count!!

                        i have a t3 turbo for a nissan 280zx but i think i'm ganna sell it and go with a hybrid

                        1993 built ZE/DE n2o 2380lbs probe GT = parted out 2004
                        1996 klze mx-3


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                          Aerocharger Model 224
                          Geoff Knight 3" piping kit w/intercooler
                          -- Howard Chu Chief Architect, Symas Corp. Director, Highland Sun
                          17x8" BBS RC/Leda 24-way adj. coilovers/Hye-Dra-Cyl Big Brakes: Wilwood 4-piston calipers+12.2x1.25" rotors/RRE FSTB/Top-End Racing FW/MazdaSpeed-Quaife LSD/65mm TB/Autophysics CAI/Groundz/Bi-Xenon HID headlamps/Euro Clear-corners+amber LEDs/Blazer amber fogs/JVC KDMX3000+CHX1200/Pioneer 6x9s/BCT7 Scanner/etc...


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                            -Garrett T-25 turbo. (T-2Small) really small trim.
                            -Stock DSM side mount intercooler with restrictive, plastic UIC pipes.
                            -Plastic 2G DSM BOV that vents any gained boost. (no more A'pexi)
                            -Stock fuel pump.
                            -Ripped off rear o2 sensor harness (and disconnected) causing an extra rich air/fuel mix.
                            -Really weak wastegate spring that starts to open at high rpm causing a loss of boost.

                            :grin: :grin: :grin: I got the big guns on this baby! :grin: :grin: :grin:


                            97 Talon TSi__A'pexi N1 exhaust__A'pexi BOV__Tenzo intake/springs__LuK clutch__Alpine CVA-1005
                            indash LCD__Custom 2-tone Leather__big bad subs__blah,blah,blah....

                            Lee Hubanks

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                              Starting my Turbo project:

                              Turbonetics T3Super60
                              GReddy BOV
                              Custom Turbo Headers
                              (?) FMU

                              All from a BLOWN Turbo PGT I found at a car dealership. $300 for all that and the core engine(free). :grin:

                              Currently buying all my parts for my future part-out thread...
                              STEVE B
                              1993 Probe GT
                              2016 Mustang