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Haven't seen one this bad

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  • Haven't seen one this bad

    Well I got around to taking apart the busted motor today. I can't imagine all this happened in just a split second

    This picture is just a top of the piston everything below the first ring land is gone

    This one I still can figure out... the wrist pin some how was pushed out of the rod and shot through the top of the piston. And on cyl #6 the piston was completly shredded in bits of aluminum, the cylinder walls were also cracked.

    This is what I found when I took off the oilpan...

    whats left of the lower part of the block

    How the heck did that get in jamed in there?

    That one piston still looks pretty good

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    Nice carnage....time for that nice shiney built motor to go in.
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      GODDAMN! Well, that motor served you quite well I'd say. Having run your best time yet so far with it right? RIP little stock block.
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        damn lol


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          Good god!

          That is crazy.. I don't know what to say... that's pretty damn awesome... but also sorry about the motor..

          So & .. Good luck though.. building a new one??
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            .. that is how you blow an engine with style!
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                Wow, almost looks like the engine hydrolocked, but I know it didn't!! Must have been a bit of pressure in the cylinder

                Thats interesting what happened to the wrist pin...
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                  pic 3 and 4 are awsome might be the best yet


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                      How much boost did it take to finally blow it?
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                        Originally posted by KINGMARTY03
                        How much boost did it take to finally blow it?
                        25+ psi
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                          That's what happens when you run NOS! And 3 of the big ones at that! bad Victor!

                          Nice work
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                            dear god Vic, u ****ed that motor right up

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                              you may have answered this, but how many F/I drag runs did that engine make?
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