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.....sigh.....cry me a river.......she's gone

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  • .....sigh.....cry me a river.......she's gone

    1993 Ford Probe GT
    279,000 miles
    Paxton S/C @ 10 PSI w/ MS&S +300 whp

    And She's Gone......
    What lane are you supposed to be in?

    Oh, damn

    Oh, Damn it

    the carnage

    buffed out rememberence

    condolences can be sent to 555 main street, State of Depression.
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    ¶¶¶ Verde Mica Metallic 1993 PGT Modified, Sanctified, Retired. ----- Damn I miss her.

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    Oh my god!

    Truly a sad day...that car was so ****ing gorgeous...

    Any plans to rebuild, Travis?

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      man that's a damn shame. i hope you will rebuild it.


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        Man...that sucks Travis! I truely hate to see this.

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          So wtf happened now? Plans for the next project?
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          92 Lexus SC300 - 780whp/700tq 36+ psi


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            who's fault??????


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              The hood doesnt look too bad

              And it all went down at the Wal*Mart
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                Oh man... that really sux.

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                  if/when you fix it or next s/c car....keep the bumper support to some extent.
                  I believe in moderation and that includes moderation.
                  92 Lexus SC300 - 780whp/700tq 36+ psi


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                    your car will be missed... i love the color, and the rims, and the body kit.
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                      oh that's BS. Make that truck ****er pay for that crap. Take it to court.
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                        Is that a lexus?

                        Sucks it's on private property.


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                          Really, what happened???

                          It looks like the truck should be at fault judging by what side of the road he's on...

                          Air bags didn't deploy???
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                            Now that just f'n sucks


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                              oh man that sucks least the hood doesnt look to be hurt.

                              Let us know if/how we can help
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