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Florida's 6th Annual BP Meet, and I thought I'd seen it all...

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  • Florida's 6th Annual BP Meet, and I thought I'd seen it all...

    Flapoc hosted our 6th annual Blanchard Park Meet today. Weather was perfect as it has been for the past 6 years. Turnout was lower than the past couple years, but better than expected. Tried getting back to the roots of it being a simple, enjoyable, and relaxing meet and that worked out rather well. About 16 cars showed, 7 of which were turbo'd! Great race between Ray and Sean, soo close! The sun washed out all of the group car photos unfortunately, but here are some that came out okay.

    For the love of God Squidy, I thought you were kidding! I didn't edit this photo, I swear, haha! :-P

    Sorry Ray, you aren't foolin' anyone with that quiet exhaust. Then again, this car is so fast they aren't liable to see the front anyway.

    Pictures simply don't do this car justice. Too bad about that head gasket though!

    It's what's inside™

    This pavilion has been home to every BP meet, though we had to wait a couple hours this year to take over it.

    One ride in a car like this, will make just about anyone want a boosted PGT, holy shit. ("That was low boost, here's high boost" "Aww shit, that's really not necessary!")

    The neighbors must love us.

    Until next year...
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      yup blew the head gasket from running to hot.. ... but atleast she is tuned now for 10-11psi ....towed her straight home and took the head off, she will be up and running by monday.. then i have to get some better fans...

      otherwise, definatly was a nice meet...
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        A couple video clips from the meet. More to come hopefully.

        Ahh, Jesus Chri-! (low boost)

        South Florida Rollin' Out


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          I thought it was great!! Wish more cars showed but a good turn out either way.
          Met some people and had fun.
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            nice meet,cant wait till we can a good nyPOC group together. we wont get 16,and there wont be 7 boosted,but still fun
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              no video just audio. booooo
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                Man nice turnout and pics! I am lovin that turbo nitrous 4 cyl, well done, very well done.
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                  dang it....curse of the green paint>
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                    I am sorry I missed it fellas, I was actually in Orlando from Thursday night to Saturday morning on business and after staying in hotel suites for a few days I just wanted to get home. I am glad you guys had a nice turn out! :
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                      omg HiPrsur, your 6 is the nicest one I've ever seen... wow!
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                        hiprsur...your 6 is f'ing sweet!!!!^^agreed,that is the cleanest modified pgt/mx6 i've seen on these boards
                        93gt 230k dd.
                        1993 probe gt
                        96 pgt 135k dd


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                          thanks alot for comments...


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                            Sorry to here about the HG man.... I told you it was gone or getting there.
                            Once you mentioned it getting hot while under boost I figured it was going.

                            Still a sexy ass Mx6!
                            Vanessa: Replaced by Aalina. The Dubwagon.
                            Vivian: Milano Fit. 11th Set of Wheels Coming Soon.


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                              Yup that trip was worth it. I had fun and met a lot of great people and to my opinion mx6gt89 car was the nicest if I saw that front end on my rearview mirror I be like holys***t.
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