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Anyone still around in AZ?

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  • Anyone still around in AZ?

    Hey everyone, have a bunch of probe parts I forgot about. Been in a storage container for a couple years, but should be fine.

    If you are around, want a GREAT deal on some stuff let me know.
    Now living in REALLY Sunny Arizona and sweating a lot but still loving it...AZPOC Rules!!

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    Welcome to AZPOC!

    There's still 3 of us here, only two with Probes... I think there are 2 or three other members on here that live in the Phoenix valley but don't think I've met them yet?

    If you got a list of the stuff, PM or email it to me and I will let everyone know.
    Currently buying all my parts for my future part-out thread...
    1993 Probe GT
    2016 Mustang


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      In okc i got a 96 pgt fixing to go to the junk yard u guys need anything white with chrome swirls just blew the tranny dnt have money to fix


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        Same thing, just cleaned out my storage container and have a bunch of parts left over. Ze minus cams, exhaust, headers, resonated testpipe, testpipe with a cutout, Black carpet, clear corners, etc. SB, should I shoot you an itemized list in an email?
        93 PGT
        95 PGT - 15.4 - 2.3 60' - I/H/E cutout, 14lb flywheel, SPEC stg 3, tokico struts, eibach springs, tranny brace, minor weight reduction.
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          Well been years, but will try this one last time. Anyone want some free stuff and still in AZ?

          Window switches, gauge pod, spark plug wires, eq, stainless clutch and brake lines, tranny saver, some other misc. stuff.

          Even have a Fortier Hood still kicking around collecting dust. Won't give that away though, but maybe sell.
          Now living in REALLY Sunny Arizona and sweating a lot but still loving it...AZPOC Rules!!


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            You still have parts available?



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