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I wrecked the car

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  • I wrecked the car

    well, unfortunately, I had a fender bender the other day. I hydroplaned as I was trying to pass a school bus. I ended up doing like a 360 or something another and t-boned the school bus. You would think something that big and bright orange, I could avoid it, but no, not me
    I gotta get a new fender and front bumper, gonna have to bend the rest out. I got a ticket for careless driving but I am goin to court to fight it. For one, the officer was not there to prove that I was careless driving, he did not see the accident. Two, it was raining, and the roads were wet, hydroplaning is something that happens, nuthing you can do about it really. I think its bullshit that I got a ticket, but anyways

    Ive come to the conclusion that Im not into the import thing like I used to be. Im still gonna come by and say hey to everybody whenever I'm in Atlanta and chill with you guys. I miss hanging out and partying with the gang. So, after the nitrous kit gets installed, and the powdercoated valve covers/fuel rails, that is it. Dont feel like dumping any more money into the car.

    Im saving my money now for a motorcycle. I want a CBR600
    I'll be getting that in January. Ive got bitten by the bike craze, all my buddies around here have them and go ridin and do some crazy stuff. So I'll have the 626 and my bike.

    Looks like APOC has some awesome/fun events coming up here within next couple of months. Wish I could be up there with you guys!

    If any of you guys decide to come down to Daytona, you all have a free place to stay, I moved not too long ago, and have my own townhouse now, lots of room and shit, come on down, drink some beer, go to the beach, and holla at the women.

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    im sorry to hear that man, it must hurt to have a wrecked car but at least your ok
    hope youll get it fixed as new oh and be careful on your cbr! i had broken leg from a scooter, so no cbr's and such are for me
    my custom body 93base


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      Robert just because you decide to get away from dumping money into your car does not mean you are not welcome. Come by anytime you wish. I think there are a few of us who have coem to the pint we will not spend much more or any more on our cars. I know my car is getting the projects I have finished off and then I am doen with it. I am goign to start saveing the money for my next car which I have no plans to mod in any way. It is just time that I put my money else where and get a bit better off the ground money wise with my house and life. This does not mean I am not going to still hang with APOc I am just not going to try and keep with the Jones' any more is all.
      John Pardus


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        Robert, that sucks about the car -- especially after all the body work you've done to it. I know what you mean too about growing out of the import scene. I used to go to car shows almost every weekend, now I don't even care. I still love my car though. I may have to make an exception for Hot Import Nights here in Atlanta though just to satisfy my curiosity.

        Anyway, good luck with getting your car back on track!
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          sorry to hear about the skoobus incident. that really sucks. good luck on the motorcycle though! cbr600 is an excellent choice, when I was down in daytona last, it was bike week and I almost bought one from some dude. see ya
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