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  • why???

    well, hopefully this can peak some interest into the club. To speak for myself, (matt, the guy w/ the green mx6) I have been extremely delinquent to the meets. its not something I like to do and I really did enjoy going to the meetings, but it is something that my work doesn't allow me to do. to explain my situation, I'm a full-time employee of advance auto, which is not exactly a 9-5 job. the most I will get off on a weekend is one day, maybe, and thats about 1 time every month or so. this is, unless I request off. requesting off is relatively impractical for two reasons, first and foremost being that I am being considered for manager and second being that when I showed for meets before, the only ones that anyone went to were mountain drives, and we had a few at the APOC party at Pardus' house. enough about me, lets generalize here...
    Everyone who recieved the message can clearly see jason's concern. its well understood that the club is having attendance problems and the problem lies on everyone's shoulders. Since everyone has a part, then everyone can help fix it. my suggestion would be to utilize this board more. If anyone has ever been to a planning meet, its a rather interesting process. its usually at a restaurant somewhere and we normally have about 4 or 5 people sitting around and talking about what we want to do over the next three months. lots of good ideas thrown out, but maybe not the best representation of the club. the members there are usually the people that show up to more of the meets than most members anyway. I'd say that if you'd like to do something w/ the club, that you should just throw it out on the board and feel the response. I'd say that 1 to 2 weeks notice should be good, and if the response is weak, then try something else. there will always be someone who has to work (usually me :rolleyes: ), and people will always have other options on what to do, but this does give everyone a stronger voice in APOC, it also expands the activities in which we can take part in. times are easier set this way and locations vary. this is just an idea, but you can see where it takes you, and I'd like to hear the rest of the group's opinions on this.
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    I would love to be there! But everyone knows that being out of state in school sucks. But with club attendance this low, just think of what NOPI is going to be like.... 3 probes in a sea of Hondas. Figures.


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      Well I have spoke with Jason on these concerns several times and I am not blameing him at all for how he feels as I recall the time when I did a lot of the organiseing on my own and had either no turn out or just plain lousy. I have suggested to him a few things and voiced my own opinions. The biggest one I have is simple. he gives between 2 to 3 weeks notice allready on events, so if by the day before the event he has not had confirmation from people that they will be present then I say cancel the event. I know it is hard to send out emails with directions and other things each and every time so I ask the club to start confirming if they can make it to an event 3 days or more prior to the event. Also if something does come up and you cannot make it it is not that hard to pick up a phone and call someone like myself or Jason to let us know you can not make it. Or even Email for that matter. Just don't email us 4 hours after the meeting tiem for the event. Try to get to us before hand.
      John Pardus


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        John's right, we need to start having members "RSVP" for events, as ridiculous as it may sound. This would prevent having unsuccessful events in the future. I would just feel bad for those that take off work for an event only to have it canceled the day before due to lack of involvement. I'd like to have a stronger club so we don't have to worry about things like this. That just means everyone needs to try harder. If you don't "have the time," make the time. I'll be taking off work Aug. 10th to go to track day. I don't always miss work for club events, so it's not a big deal.

        However, I don't think work is always the excuse. I think a lot of the people on the list that have never showed up are just lazy and don't want to take the first step to actually "joining" the club -- showing up. Which sort of defeats the purpose in the first place, doesn't it?

        I appreciate the regulars - John P., John L., Matt, Ed, Eddie, Ashley, David, and others I may be forgetting. There are others of you we see once every 3-4 months, and those we see once a year, and some of you, I've never met.

        It's these "others" I question their commitment to being apart of APOC. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to get emails every week talking about stuff I only am interested in doing once a year or never. How logical is that????
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          I agree with Matt, John, and Jason. It can be seen that most of us (Including me) have been taking for granted how much time and effort that Jason, Pardus, and the rest of the donating members contribute. Everyone has a busy schedule. Everyone works... or some may even still be going to school... such like me. But that doesnt mean that we cant take two or maybe three minutes to take the time to respond to the e-mails that Jason sends us. Just think... without contributing members..... there is no APOC... it might as well be nothing. I would like to personally thank Jason, John, Matt, and all other contributing members who give a deep fried rats ass about this club. The least that we can do is send a response. Along with doing this, even though I have only been able to show for one event so far ( RX-7 Mountain Drive, kinda-sorta) I will do my best to contribute to this club for frequently. Thanks!
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            What's up guys. Now that the summer season is starting to decline at work ( John P. knows) I should have more time to to make weekend trips to Atlanta. I'll email you guys in advance to let some of you know when I will be in town. What is track day on August 10th? I may be able to come down that weekend. Later.
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              Summer Declin in work? Not for me or at least not for another 2 to 3 months. I am booked solid work wise for the next 3 weeks.

              Don the track day is a thing at Road Atlanta, but ya needed to have signed up a while back and ford over about $230.00 to do it. I know only a few of us are actually doing this.
              John Pardus


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                Welp, I'm not exactly in a place where I can really type too much, as I'm at work at the moment. Anyhoo, yes, we all have very busy lives, but surely if things are scheduled in advance like Jason has been doing, we ought to be able to make at least a few of the events. I personally have been way too busy over the last couple of months with work and everything else going on right now. I've just finished the first final layout of a website I've launched, and will be continuing to work on it and hopefully make it successful. At the moment, all I can really say is I'll try and make it to various events, but as it's about an hour and a half to 2 hour drive, it doesn't always work out as I've planned. Anyhoo, mebbe we really just all need a kick in the ass.. then again, that might hurt... how bout the rear left tire instead since it's goin flat anyway? Anyhoo, I gotta run... lata all!

                P.S. Take a look at how many people we have active on ProbeTalk... it's dwindled to nearly nothing... I've been spending more of my PT time in SCProbes as they've become much more active. If everyone interested would just drum up interest by either looking for more members, or encouraging those who are not so active, things might look up... who knows?
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