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    Originally posted by P1P View Post
    well it is about 12 of us that meet up every now and then so we never failed we just didnt tell everyone lol and probally won't ever tell anyone

    the actual crew within Georgia that you are looking for is us twelve

    we range between a four probes all GT's, 1 mx6,1 MX3, 2 madza 6, a madza 3
    coulpe of rx7's and 1 guy has a ford escort gt with a kl swap

    and just so you know you was the one that started it with me, I could care less about what or who you are because you are trying to get to a point where I am already at

    I have been turboed for over 10 years, first I was twin turbo (kit purchase from Knight Turbo) then I went single turbo - (turbonetics t62 with a P trim with a .68 ar)

    now like I said before I never said anything disrespectful or negative towards you. You came at me first, with the negative stuff

    Maybe if you change your attitude maybe one day we will let you know where ATLANTA PROBES OWNER CLUB really hangs out because we are still here just don't troll this site as much.

    actually we have a meet saturday with a couple of guys coming in from Alabama with probes
    P.M me the address of where u guys meet up..Ill come out sometime
    93 Probe gt- ,15.37 1/4 mile at mph 85 ** 5/24/03 14.71 SOLD
    1994 gt -klze,I/h/e/fly/ignition/kl31 ecu,colt210/210 cams Rip 2/13/08(blackice)
    92 mx3gs,ze swap from my probe 15.0@96mph :-( 175hp&155tq


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      Originally posted by BlackProbe View Post
      P.M me the address of where u guys meet up..Ill come out sometime


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        I will be at flyrtle this year


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          If u were a lil nicer then i wouldnt b an ass.. so sorry..

          But u dont have to criticize people for things they dont know of.. but check ur post u did say there was no apoc.. then its u and ur buddies... thats cool. I have buddies with other cars too.. 96 pgt 95 pgt-ze..
          03 focus-the fucus nissan skyline not sure of the year boosted I-6 right-hand drive... there should b no drama between anyone who loves gasoline and speed.. lets try this again



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