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Probe vs MX-6 Weight...

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  • Probe vs MX-6 Weight...

    With manual tranny...

    95 Probe... 2921lbs

    95 MX-6... 2624lbs

    More like 300 lbs Pardus... but close enough...
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    Strait from the january 1993 issue of Motor Trend.

    Probe Stats:
    base Price $15,174
    Price tested at $19,056
    2 door, 4 passanger
    Front Engine, Front Drive
    2057cc DOHC V6
    164 hp @6000 rpm
    156 lb-ft @ 4000 rpm
    5-sp man
    102.9-in wheelbase

    MX-6 stats:
    base price $18,575
    Price tested as $22,630
    2 door, 4 pasanger
    front engine, front drive
    2497 cc DOHC V6
    164 hp @ 5600 rpm
    160 lb-ft @ 4800 rpm
    5-sp man
    102.8-in wheelbase
    2699-lb curb weight

    626 stats:
    base price $18,725
    Price tested as $21,370
    4 door, 5 passanger
    front engine, front drive
    2497 cc DOHC V6
    164 hp @ 5600 RPM
    160 lb-ft @ 4800 rpm
    5-sp man
    102.8-in wheelbase
    2743-lb curbweight


    Probe Mx-6 626
    0-60 7.5 7.4 7.7
    1/4 mile 15.8/88.0mph 16.7/89.0mph 16.0/87.8mph
    braking 117 ft 124 ft 122 tf
    skidpad 0.85g 0.84g 0.79g
    slalom 64.9 64.3 63.7
    John Pardus


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      ok, something there has to be a mistype... otherwise it's saying that they used a 2.0 v6 probe , and i wasn't aware that such a thing existed... also, it didn't list the curb weight on the probe either...hard to compare without that...
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        Ok curb weight for the probe is 2900 lb as they listed it. and I did misstype the dispalcement. 2507cc DOHC V6
        John Pardus


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          If your wondering what your curb weight of your car is after adding stereo and wheels, but adding a lighter cat-back, etc. Dynolabs has scales, showing corner weights as well. Out here near Rome, where people still farm, I can go out to the local grain store and weigh my car on it.

          I personally don't see how the MX6 is 300 lbs lighter than the PGT. Maybe the magazines had a mistype as well.
          Tim Benton


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            Well with 17's on my car my previous Stereo system in it and full interior I was weighed in at a whopping 2980 lbs down at Silverdollar. I know my new set up is likely to have hadded maybe 30 more lbs. So Iwill say I am a fat pig at a whopping 3000 lbs.
            John Pardus


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              I thought the weight for the PGT was right, just that the 26XX was a mistake, typo, on the magazines part.

              Tim Benton



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