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Help! Need to replace my water pump!

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  • Help! Need to replace my water pump!

    Hello APOC! It's been a while since I've posted a message on here so if it looks all screwed up, blame it on that! Anyway I need your help. I need to find the cheapest place to take my 96 Probe GT to get the water pump and timing belt replaced. I live in the Kennesaw area so I would prefer somewhere as close to there as possible, seeing as how I can't drive very far without all the water/coolent leaking out and causing the engine to over heat. But if the price is cheap enough, I'll endure the stopping every 20 minutes to fill it up with water again until I get to the location that is going to fix it. Thanks for any information you can give!

    P.S. Why do I even bother calling the Ford dealership when I know their price is going to be outrageous already?


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    check at your local advance auto. you could probably pick up the pump for under 100 (new, w/ lifetime warranty) and get it installed at your local mechanic if you don't want to attempt it yourself.
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