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Drag Racing This Friday!!! @ SDR!!!

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  • Drag Racing This Friday!!! @ SDR!!!

    Hey guys,

    I'm going down to SDR this Friday with a bunch of my friends to have some grudge matches. We're meeting at 2:30 at Galyan's on Barrett Pkwy to leave at 3:00. Anybody is invited to come.

    The major highlight is a 2001 Saleen S281 (Auto) vs a 98 or 99(?) Camaro Z28 with an LT1.

    I'm going to be taking my 93 GT down to finally get some times on it. I'm spending some time completely stripping the interior(every bit helps).

    I'd like to see another Probe besides myself down there getting some times.

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    how much does it cost to run just out of curiosity?
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      There's been a change in the meeting place and time if anyone is interested in going and caravanning down. We'll be meeting at Starbucks on Barrett at 2:00pm.

      I'm not sure exactly how much it is but somebody said it was $20.


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        Well, I had a great time at the track. the best part was the drive down. I was with a group of about 10-15 cars. There were about 5-6 F-bodies that were insane fast, a C-5 Corvette, a 96-97 Mustang Cobra (Supercharged), a 2001 Saleen S-281, an Eclipse, a Turbo Eclipse, and me.

        We made the trip with an average speed at about 90-95 with many trips to 115+.

        I made some pretty good passes for it being my first time and all. I was consistantly hitting 15.4's. Then my last run was a 15.2.

        There was another 93 Probe GT down there that I just had to race. He had intake, headers, and exhaust and I had intake and 9lb flywheel. He was my last race and I ran a 15.2 and he had a 15.9.

        I ran the N/A Eclispe and got a 15.5 to his 17.9.
        And I ran the Turbo Eclipse with a 15.4 to his 15.3.

        Anyway, I think track-days are great. We should have a track day at Silver Dollar. There are some great twisty roads with passing lanes for about 45 minutes of the drive.



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