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    Originally posted by ladyjazz17 View Post
    I smogged my Michigan PGT when I moved out to BAPOC territory with no issues. It always passed after I got the ZE as well. PM me for the name of my smog shop.
    lol I will if A i dont make it, B the shop is in california, and C my post count is higher so I could PM you
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      OK, since your post count isn't high enough, here it is:

      Note that at this link there is another link for a $15 off coupon. I take my PGT there and although they are not the cheapest, they are the best. The shop (Mr. Mazda) where I have taken my PGT for quite a few years also uses them, and they test performance cars as well as the average ones.

      I realize it's a two hour drive for you from Sac, but maybe we could get a summit together down in the south bay.
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        Hey it could be a 5 hour drive. If it means me getting license plates im game
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          Ok so just a tad update on my SMOG battle.

          I failed again. But the ZE is running alot cleaner then my K8. It has fairly new plugs, wires, fuel filter, catalytic converter and O2 sensors

          The ZE is rigged up to use a EGR but i wanted to see if i would pass without one. I didn't pass Emission wise i only had high NOx at 25 mph....I thougth the EGR only ran at idle? or is it a 24/7 thing????

          Visually i failed but i have an external coil and HEI. at my last inspection the smog tech wasnt to worried about that but this one was a little harsh. Ill go back the last shop i went too....

          My idle is all willy nilly but that is a battle that i am continuing to battle.

          The smog tech said he couldnt check my timing and my PCV was loose and it didnt seal.......well before i took it in there it had no problems but now its all loose. I can pull the thing without even trying

          I also failed the check engine light because im running the KL36 ECU....... My plan to bypass that is take out the cluster and wire the oil light to the engine light so they come on and go off the same time as usual

          I dont understand the High NOx at 25 mph

          Im going to apply some of the patch ups and go in again before i buy a K8 manifold and switch the ECUĀ“s

          here is a pic of my results>>>>>
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            No EGR, KL36 ecu, Brand new CAT, and denatured alcohol in the gas tank. About 1 gallon to a half a tank......passed

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