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Headlight conversion thoughts?

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  • Headlight conversion thoughts?

    I've been having issues with my headlights not wanting to open properly. I turn them on and the lights illuminate, but occasionally it takes a minute or 2 for the headlights to pop up. I'd say roughly 25% of the time they delay, and it's very random. Replaced the motors, no difference. Electrical connections all seem solid. Fuses are good. Rather than dump more time/effort/money into diagnosing/repairing/replacing them or leaving the lights in the "open" position all the time, I've been thinking of going to a fixed headlight with HID or LED projectors, but can't seem to find anything that looks like a good conversion for Probes. Something like this is what I'm after:

    I know Probe Addiction had something similar, but they're defunct now, and I heard their conversion didn't perform all that great anyways. Ideas or suggestions?

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    You might want to post this question in the Tech forum, might get more people looking at it.
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      It will be a pain in the ass, expensive, and in the end probably wont look good (IMO) to go that route.

      Many years ago I had a setup where I would keep the headlights at half droop, aka sleepy eyes) and just mounted a 6" wide by 2" tall fog light in the opening. Try searching for something like that in the pic and video forum.
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        If you are willing to put in a lot of time to make it look good, it's worth it - but it will take a lot of tweaking to get right. You can see my progression starting here on p 62 of the thread. I probably would not do it again.
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