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What years are compatible?

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  • What years are compatible?

    I found a 97gt in Livermore for free. Thinking of using it for spare parts. But what parts are compatible for my 95 gt. I think mine is a 1st gen since it has no spoiler

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    Nope you have second generation but obd1 version. 89 to 92 is first gen. 93 to 97 is second generation.
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      So would it be compatible with my 95?
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        here is your break down for the 2nd generation probes..... 93-94 ....95 is a slightly odd year to its self..... and 96-97 are the same. when it comes to exterior parts they all pretty much fit all years 93-97 except the rear bumper and tail lights...... 93-94 the license plate is in a different location but the bumper and taillights will still fit. Most of the interior parts will fit all years from 93-97 except for the interior door skins are different from 93-94... and the 1993 dash is different than the other years as it does not have a passanger side airbag. When it comes to electronics your 93-94 computers are ob1. 1995 computer is ob1 as well but it is unique to 1995. 96-97 is ob2. To sum this up, most of your parts are similar for all 2nd gen probes and can be used ex hood, fenders, wheels, breaks, rotors, back seat , engine, tranny, exaust. ect........ if you have specific questions you can send me a message but I don't get on here much anymore so you may want to send me your phone number and we can text message.
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