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BAPOC Live, no probes, but Probes optional?

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  • BAPOC Live, no probes, but Probes optional?

    Good evening BAPOC,

    Just seeing who is still Probing. As opposed to the older of us who are getting probed.

    All jokes aside, how is everyone doing?

    Personally I Currently, have 3 project cars and two of them drag “cars”, working on my 4th degree and 3rd wife.

    yeah I know how to party. Nostalgia has brought me back here. Because I couldn’t find a Probe to buy, to save my life… But I miss a few friends from my time here, yeah, you Dan.

    comments: Live Laugh Love, is that right?

    1993 PGT MTX KLZE... SOLD
    2002 Ford Ranger "Thunderbolt"

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    I’m new to this sub forum but an old Probe owner that now lives in the area.

    Long story short, I owned 1G’s (and 626GT’s) back in upstate NY from my late high school years until about 2007 when I sold my last one and went Audi. Fast forward to late 2022, an 89 GT pops up in a Stockton auto auction and I won it and have been restoring/modding it heavily since then November.

    The car seems to have spent most of its life in the Sacramento area. Would be really cool if someone knew it’s full history.

    I’m totally down for a meet.
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