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    I have a 95 GT that no longer runs that needs a new home. The engine trouble is more related to the fact that it hasn't been driven in 5 ish years, and not to any real issue with the car. Last time it was up and running it was just smoking and burning oil. Car has 175k miles on the chassis and about 70k on a ZE. FD rims, cheap coil-overs, tokico shocks, other stuff now that I'm forgetting. Anyone who shows up with $500 can have it. Just bring a way to get it where ever you're going.

    Pictures are available if you want.

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    Interested in pictures.

    Inside and out.

    Any other issues besides not running?
    -Power Windows/Locks?
    -5 Speed?
    '94 Red PGT Gone, but Project PGT has begun
    '04 Black SRT-4 Um, no it's not stock. But "It's just a Neon, right?" 379whp @ 20lbs *Sold*


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      it's probably out near orlando speedworld

      it was repainted a few years ago- white. Body should be in good shape, interior should be in decent shape.

      It's an ATX and the one of the first ZE swaps in the US.

      It's a piece of PT history.
      '94 teal w/black int. some sort of sts, 65mm DE TB full KL31 ZE, CAI, Phenolyc spacers, mx3 flywheel, pacesetter headers, 2.5" exhaust, stainless brake lines, MS and LC-1. Charter member Club 15.2 - Mustang Dyno - 187/169 @the wheels
      '90 White GT "Pearl"....uh ohzzzz...I had turboz. Now with it's J-doggs
      '96 SE & '93 "Red-Eye" smashed and trashed. 97 GTS....crashed, not trashed yet


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        Cars gone, donated to charity. The interior was in pretty rough shape from being outside for so long.

        Still have a racing seat and driver's side slider I'm trying to get rid of. $100 takes it... no shipping.



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